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Annotated Bibliography Example for College

Article: Randle, M., et al. ” What makes foster carers think about quitting? Recommendations for improved retention of foster carers. .” Child & Family Social Work (2017): 22(3), 1175-1186.


The article expounds on the challenges faced by foster carers to an extent that most of them contemplate quitting their jobs. The authors expound on the roles played by the foster carers, where they analyze their diverse issues and difficulties that they constantly face as they work in these demanding fields (Randle et al. 1178). The journal also explores particular issues that cause dissatisfaction in the field and provide recommendations on possible interventions that could be put in place to ensure that the foster carers are contented with their roles, and that they have a better enabling environment in the course of their duties.


The article is credible and highly resourceful to the study. The information and data used by the authors have been verified as ones from reliable sources. Respondents in the article are also individuals who have vast experience in the field of social work. The recommendations and conclusion are derived from experienced scholars and personnel. Therefore, the insights generated will be helpful in future research on issues related with social work.


The source augurs well with the development of the research essay. This is because, it provides credible statistics on social workers and their specific roles in the society. It also provides findings related to the theme of study, with responses from specific persons who provide critical information that is necessary and appropriate to the study topic. Issues highlighted in the study, such as interventions by the government, training and development as well as preparation of the social workers, also greatly relate to the subject of research. It will, therefore, be essential and relevant in providing suitable conclusions.

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