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Animal Farm by George Orwell | Summary and Overview

Animal farm is one of the best-written novels by George Orwell. The novel tells a story about a group of farms who decide to rebel against their human father. The animal rebelling’s the primary reason was that they wanted to create a society in which all animals were equal, happy, a free (Orwell & Brown, 2006) . However, after coming together and trying to agree, the animals started to disagree. The rebellion is betrayed by some of the animals, where they start forming groups, and some feel to be better suited to lead than others (Orwell & Brown, 2006). As a result, the farm ends up in a bad state before, under one pig’s dictatorship called “Napoleon”.

The book is outstandingly written, where it reflects the current society of governance and leadership. The animals’ disharmony reflects the present society and how they treat each other with greed. Their disunity leads them to fail to achieve their set goals and leads to others’ discrimination within the community.  The author well uses satire in his entire book, where all the animals used to portray human beings’ characteristics, more so those in leadership.  The book is also a narration of the future of humanity. Orwell’s style and writing philosophy explain the author’s concern about humans’ truth and what has been ailing the society for a long time.

By reading the entire novel, one can clearly understand the meaning of what the author intended to state, where his use of language, comparison strategy, and the use of words with hidden meanings portrays the author’s prowess and excellence.  Therefore, the Animal farm novel remains one of the best satirical novels ever written, which shows the political ideology and the misuse of power in the current society.

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