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Analyzing Mistakes | Reflection Paper Writing Help

Conceptual error- I have always had this error often in math due to challenges of linked to complete understanding of the math concepts. I end up making mistakes in multi-step formula. One of the greatest issue is jumping into a question without understanding the question completely and breaking it down to fully understand what I need to do. To minimize the conceptual errors I give full attention and avoid distractions while completing a multi-step task.

Calculation error- I have often encountered calculation errors due to carelessness. For instance, if a proper formula is not used well in calculation, this leads to error in the results. One of the reason why I experience calculation errors is being over confident in what am doing but I mess up in my division or multiplication which leads to different results. Double-checking will be effective in reducing my calculation errors in future.

Interpretation error- This has often happened in connection to calculation and conceptual errors. Failing to understand what I am expected to do or anticipating the question have been the major causes of my errors. For this case, I also plan on counterchecking and being keen on details before I jump to solving the problem.

I have acknowledged my errors and had a clear understanding why I make mistakes. Some of the reasons include anticipating a question or problem, moving too fast and fail to pay attention to details. I find myself solving a problem or using a formula that does not apply in such a question. Focusing on mistakes and changing my approaches will be one of the best ways going forward to fix my mistakes.

My confidence to do math is rising since I signed up for the course. At first, I felt so anxious but learning from my mistakes, creating time for math and working hard to reduce my anxiety have played a significant role in improving my confidence level. Additionally, getting back for more practice even when wrong has boosted my confidence in math.

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