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Analyzing a Work of Literature | Research Paper Help

Introduction: Plot

The covered work of literature comprises of Think Big: Unleashing your potential for excellence,” by Dr. Den Carson and Cecil Murphey. The book narrates through life-earned experiences of Dr. Carson to rise from a life of poverty, difficulties, hardships in the Ghetto to a world renown, famous and brilliant neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson’s life is an inspiration to the readers who have had their dreams shattered and prompted to believe they can be nothing in this life. The resilience exhibited by Dr. Carson despites difficulties in childhood, school, early work life and need to overcome racial discrimination is a profound and inspirational life experience. The book indicates a guiding philosophy and principles of dedication, perseverance, and chard work as the gate way to excellence in life. While it is not an ease or assured path to success or becoming a millionaire, the book is great read to get one committed to a better and brighter future. The continuance in life is driven by remaining true to one’s dreams, hope, and desire for excellence through utilizing one’s potential extensively. Therefore, the book is a great read and an excellent work of literature that I have enjoyed profoundly and been impactful to my life.


In respect to E.M. Forster’s statement, “a work of literature must provide more than factual accuracy or vivid physical reality…it must tell us more than we already know,” reading Carson and Murphey’s book, there are extensive themes that arise and shed more light to the work of literature. Poverty and hardship are the primary themes to which set the basis for inspiration and indication for other themes. For example, Dr. Carson having been brought up in the Ghetto and experiencing difficulties in school, single parenting, and obstacles to access work as a Black-American shows the need to be resilient, persevere, and work hard in everything. To fully unlock your potential, resilience and hard work are integral temperaments to which one can transform their life.

As well, the tenet of dreaming and having a vision for a future one want’s is a guiding principle to the future you need to shape. This is a profound impetus to overcome the challenges and difficulties faced in life. Hope is a major theme that shows that despite the present, there is a better tomorrow. Reading Carson and Murphy’s literature, there is a feeling of hope and understanding that life is full of challenges and obstacles that may impede one realizing their dream. The capacity to unleash one’s full potential is a resolute feature to attaining one’s dreams and vision. Therefore, these are guided by the theme of patience. Patience is the key to unlocking one’s potential and overcoming life’s hardships and difficulties. Patience in that, one remains dedicated to making their life better no matter what the present holds.


The characterization of the book is solely based on Dr. Carson’s lifelong experiences. Dr. Carson serves as a symbol for hope and a true testimony to what life can hold. This is an inspirational narrative that ought to give one hope and desire for a better future. While the book is not a direct path to excellence, resilience, hard work, dedication, and perseverance are vital ingredients to getting to a better future. Therefore, Carson’s philosophy in Think Big should be emulated and serve as a testimony that every human being has innate power and potential to be whoever they want in life.

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