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Analytical Essay on Romantic Poems | Homework Helper Website

The poetic pieces, “She walks in beauty,” “Ode to the West Wind,” and “I wandered lonely as a cloud” are all linked to William’s concepts regarding poetry because they incorporate the romanticism subject in regards to nature and humanity. The writer compares the allure of the lady in perspective to the night-time in the poem, “She walks in beauty,” asserting, “She walks in beauty like the night of clear skies climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and vibrant.” This underscores the precision and radiance of the woman’s appearance in the poem. With a portrayal of numerous virtues such as benevolence and innocence, the author connects the inner and outer elegance. Furthermore, the poem relates to Wordsworth’s concepts of romanticism. It highlights the perfections and moral qualities depicted by the woman in the poem through imagination and gadgets such as imagery. Some of these imaginations are linked to love and beauty, which bring joy to the world and, as a result, the need for nature in one’s daily life.

The playwright Shelly introduces numerous concepts and opinions that pertain to Wordsworth’s concepts in literature in the poem, “Ode to the West Wind,” by creating increased focus through imagination, evocative sensation, and actual speech. The wind is used in the poem to represent nature’s might, as the author asserts, “thou from whose unforeseen presence the leaves dead are driven like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing.” It demonstrates nature’s capability of wreaking havoc. The poet labels the west wind as a potent force capable of driving away warmth and initiating frost or storms, representing nature’s potential to evoke emotions such as joy or sorrow into human existence. The poet primarily admires the strength of the west wind, referring to it as a wild spirit, a beast, and a sustainer. The use of vivid sensations in this poem corresponds to Wordsworth’s concepts, as shown in the first paragraphs, whereby the wind is explained as having the capacity to constrain the element of nature.

Within the poem, “I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud,” there is increased focus on concepts of nature based on a persons’ emotions, circumstances, and occurrences. Within the poem, the narrator is likened to a natural object by using metaphors to place the essence of humanity and nature, as the author stated, “I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats on high vales and hills.” The dandelions in this poetry are likewise exemplified, and the writer utilizes this method to initiate the correlation between human beings and nature. The dandelions are seen to be buzzing and grooving in the breeze and flinging their heads in a vibrant tango, demonstrating the relationship between humanity and nature that preserves lives and makes people happy.

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