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An Example of Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Workers’ Compensation Dispute 

Thomason, T., Schmidle, T. P., & Burton, J. F. (2001). Workers’ compensation: Benefits, costs, and safety under alternative insurance arrangements. WE Upjohn Institute.

This book focuses on the constant change in the compensation procedures among workers in distinct organizations. Thomason, Schmidle & Burton (2001) analyze the reasons for and relevance of the typical variations in compensation coverage and cost. The variations have increasingly affected the number of disputes that are arising from issues related to workers’ compensation. The authors also assess the different causes and review disputes that have already been examined, as well as evaluating the ruling in disputes that have been resolved in the past.

Considerably, the book does not only assess the legal ramifications but also the economic ramifications in the compensation of workers. The authors state that the conditions in the United States could provide better compensation benefits and also lower the cost of insurance arrangements if the amount of work that is linked to injuries claims was lowered in both the number and severity of injuries. Initial and tort workers’ compensation has also been addressed by the authors as well as the variations between the two. They also generate an overview of the liability issue in depth. Ideally, the workers’ compensation policy was formulated to limit the employer liability that should, in turn, offer a better incentive for workers to ensure safer working conditions that minimize accidents within the workplace. However, this theory failed since the decrease in the number of injury claims from employees was not achieved.

As stated by the authors, the accidents and suspicious aches that have been experienced among employees in the past allowed the government and employers to create rules and guidelines that would protect the employee-employer relationship. Considerably, this entire process, along with the guidelines and rules as well as the dispute process, has been thoroughly and precisely explained. This book has offered not only facts but also the specific rulings and cases pertaining to the worker’s compensation. Generally, it has analyzed various aspects of workers’ compensation.

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