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An Antiflu Campaign | Case Study Homework Help

Section A: Getting Started

Independent variable: Taking the flu shot

Dependent variables: Being hospitalized, Diagnosis with flu, Not hospitalized, Failure to receive medical care, Frequency of taking the flu shot, Saw campaign ads, Influence of family/relatives.

Brief analysis of the data

The census is used to examine the rate in which the flu shot is taken and the process in which taking the shot is conducted. This is based on the capacity to getting medical care, proper diagnosis, and treatment options. The ability of an individual to be hospitalized or not and the frequency in which one takes the flu shot. The case provides extensive understanding on the ability to access flu shot information through ads, campaigns, or being informed by family and relatives. The convincing power to influence an individual towards taking the flu shot is vital to providing sufficient census data that can be used to inform policy making and implementation. This is vital to determine the number and tendency of taking the flu shot in the area.

When the persons who got the flu shot were less likely to be hospitalized with flu it implies that the flu shot was effective. The capacity to meet the primary objective through advancing the flu shot is to ensure hospitals receive the lowest burden of affected persons. Therefore, administering of the flu shot is fundamental to ensure public health and safety of the community.

In the aspect that the persons who got the flu shot are less likely to be diagnosed with the flu shows a high level preparedness to prevent the flu from manifesting itself in the society. This shows the capacity of the region to take proactive measures to mitigate the problem before it develops into a crisis.

In the context that the persons who got the flu shot are less likely to show flu symptoms ascertains the need to administer proactive measures. The safety of the society is critical when there are cases of asymptomatic patients. Therefore, it is integral to administer the flu shot to contain potential few cases that may have infected and started spreading in the society. The failure to show symptoms requires adequate measures to contain the disease.

Cost-effectiveness Analysis

The highest cost incurred would entail the purchase of the flu shots. Also, hiring of the medical practitioners to conduct mass flu shot administration would prompt incurring of additional costs. Furthermore, to create awareness, paying for ads and running publicity campaigns can require more funds.

There are numerous benefits bound to incurred on creating awareness and ascertaining that vast majority of the community takes the flu shot. Such include, curbing further spread of the flu. Mitigating additional costs that can be accrued by an economically inactive community. Also, the process is bound to save public health billions of dollars required to diagnose, treat, cure, and sustain the lives of the affected persons.

The use of a cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) would be much better in the case study as compared cost-benefit analysis (CBA). This is informed by the fact that the CEA ascertains the efficiency in containing the infection and spread of the flu in the community. This is bound to render the community active and economically stable.

Section B: Class Exercise


  1. How effective was the exercise?
  2. Did the flu shot exercise prove to be beneficial to the society?
  3. Were the objectives met?
  4. What was the impact of the flu shot campaign?
  5. What were the lessons learned?

R, X, O Notation

R – Take the flu shot

X – Diagnosis, Identification of symptoms, and Recommended measures

O – Administering the flu shot was integral to the community. Asymptomatic patients taking the flu shot will be vital to save the community extensively.


The exercise will involve every member of the community. Also, asymptomatic patients will be put in control in adequate time. As well, administering of the flu shot will cover current and future spread of the infection.


A huge sum of funds will be required to sustain the exercise.

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