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American Literature

American literature exposes readers to a rollercoaster of emotions that enables them to reflect on their behavior and its impact on other people in their surroundings. From this realization, exploring Rip Van Winkle and Anton Rosicky will expose readers to an enabling environment where they can observe the approaches, they used to build health relationship with others and overcome problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Unlike Rosicky, Winkle was a traveller who explored the world and interacted with different individuals who influenced his thought process by challenging his focus towards life. While some differences between Anton Rosicky and Rip Van Winkle are evident, they are similar in the aspects of relationship with others, sense of adventure, and conflicts/trials they faced during their lifetime.

Relationship with Others

Anton Rosicky was a Czech farmer residing in Nebraska with his wife and six children. When Rosicky is informed by the doctor about his bad heart, he objects the medical counsel and continues engaging in strenuous tasks that worsens his health situation. Firstly, Rosicky is a family guy who loves his wife and children more than anything else. Upon reaching home with the diagnosis, Rosicky and his wife reflect on their marriage and the challenges they have encountered over the years. He prefers to be healthy and happy with his family. Out of experience, Rosicky is concerned about Polly, his elder son’s wife who has been brought up in the city life. From this observation, Rosicky offers the family car to Rudolph and Polly so that they can settle in the city and restore her happiness. In this case, Rosicky is portrayed as a loving father who makes sacrifices to ensure that his children and other people can discover their desired happiness goals.

When Van Winkle goes for a walk with his dog in the mountains to escape his wife’s nagging character, the literary material portrays him as a calm and collected man who prefers peaceful interactions with other people. Upon reaching the mountains, he hears his name being called. He traces the source of the voice until he meets up with the men who called him out playing nine-pins. Unbothered, Winkle mingles with them and starts imbibing the alcohol until he falls asleep (Boesak, 2019). From this realization, the literary material portrays Winkle as a social person who easily forms healthy relationships with people in his surroundings. Although he is unable to make amends with his nagging wife, his wisdom distracts him from the imminent conflict when he walks up to the mountains with his dog Wolf.

Sense of Adventure

Rosicky’s sense of adventure saw him explore tailoring, which was considered a woman’s job to refrain from idleness in his compliance with the doctor’s prescription. Importantly, Rosicky’s native home is the Czech Republic but his decision to visit the U.S. and settle in New York City exposed him to an environment where he could witness different outcomes that affected people’s lives. Having experience the city life, Rosicky moved to Nebraska to explore the quiet life and start a family where he would bring up his children in the farm life. For this reason, Rosicky’s sense of adventure compels him to leave his native home for the promising U.S., which exposes him to an adequate wage, which did not meet his desired needs because of his willingness to help other people in need.

Rip Van Winkle is also an adventurous man because of his quick decision to walk up to the mountains to stay away from his nagging wife. With his dog, Wolf, Winkle wanders around the mountains hoping that he would return home to a calm and collected wife. Even when he finds men imbibing alcohol, he does not restrain himself but joins them for the pleasurable activity, which enables him to forget his wife’s nagging character. Winkle’s sense of adventure sends him to a 20-year sleeping expedition where he is shocked to find that many things had taken place during his absence.


Rosicky is believed to have a conflict with his conscience about Rudolph’s marriage with Polly. Even though he cannot intervene his son’s decision, Rosicky makes an unexpected decision when he offers them the family care so that they can move to the city where Polly can be happy. After his medical diagnosis, Rosicky defies the doctor’s orders and continues to engage in strenuous activities until his situation becomes worse over time. The decision to comply with the doctor’s directives are influenced by his ability to identify the possible death occurrence that would affect his relations with the people.

Even though Van Winkle is portrayed as a social man, he has issues with his wife, which he evades by walking and wandering in the mountain. His inability to make informed decisions exposes him to a scenario where he does not question the identity of the men offering him alcohol (Dekker, Kuhn, & VanErp, 2019). However, Winkle’s conflict with his marriage compels him to engage in risky behavior, which sends him to a twenty-year sleep where he wakes up to find everything had changed. From this perspective, the approaches used by individuals to overcome situations that hinder them from discovering their potential is addressed in the play.


While some differences between Anton Rosicky and Rip Van Winkle are evident, they are similar in the aspects of relationship with others, sense of adventure, and conflicts/trials they faced during their lifetime. On many occasions, authors identify thematic concerns that address topical issues in the community and offering solutions, which individuals can use to improve their way of life. In the case of Anton Rosicky and Rip Van Winkle, the authors explore interesting twists of life that hinder individuals from recognizing their desired objectives in life.

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