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Amazon and Walmart | Research Paper Homework Help

This report offers an in-depth comparative examination between Walmart and Amazon regarding its demographics, advertising, processes, and finance. The main of the analysis is to identify the suitable stock to acquire and hold over the next ten years. It talks about the questions of market mispricing, the variations each entity needs to address to be gain a competitive edge in the future, and the significance of profitability.


When contrasting Amazon and Walmart in terms of long-term 10-year investment prospects, it is clear that Walmart has the most upside prospective, particularly considering the stock rate is at a three-year low. On the other hand, Amazon has the furthermost downside perspective as a result of its vast existing evaluation. Walmart has a substantial chance of increasing reach to the clients by developing an e-commerce channel, which will lead to increased earnings for every share.  Walmart is also known to make the most of its investor worth compared to Amazon, which is seen as a significant component during an assessment of Walmart’s long-standing productivity. In this case, Walmart is considered to have a competitive edge in the coming years due to its positioning in the market.


Walmart has almost 11,100 stores globally in over 27 nations. Walmart is the major vendor in the United States and globally. Walmart has a reputable e-commerce website in 11 nations. According to the New York Times (2015), the incorporation of e-commerce into Walmart’s commercial model will greatly assist in increasing same-store sales by a significant margin in the United States. The company’s management principles include cost management, growth policy sale volume policy, and operational effectiveness.

Mission Statement

Walmart Inc.’s corporate mission is “to conserve people’s currency to live better.” Strategic pronouncements in the enterprise are a direct display of the statement.

Walmart Consumer Target

Individuals that may be regarded as the lower-middle-class, higher middle-class, and the wealthy middle class. This is in addition to clients regarded as that earn high revenue than upper-middle-class people.


Amazon runs an e-commerce enterprise in 10 nations and has no selling localities. According to Cavallo (2018), growth in Amazon Prime members rose by 53% in 2019 worldwide. This development was mainly in the United States, as only 3% of the development was from global affiliations. The company’s management principles, customer obsession, ownership, and invent and simplify.

Amazon Mission Statement

The firm’s mission statement is to constantly increase the bar of the client occurrence by integrating the internet and technology to assist clients in finding, ascertain, and buy everything, and empower companies.

Amazon Consumer Target

Amazon targets a group of consumers that do not strain with mortgage bills, and are amongst the most digitally understanding customers.

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