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Albanian Crime Groups | College Assignment Help

The article aims to understand how crime groups undertake their practices from their creation until they mobilize themselves and how they go about it. It looks into the crime groups in the United States, focusing on the Albanian organized crime in New York City. Different crime groups use different methods of mobilization to handle their activities. It examines whether crime groups prefer to use globalization to strengthen their network and increase their income, or they strengthen themselves within their host country. The article contains well-researched information that equips the reader with almost all to know about Albanian crime groups.

The article aims at answering certain questions about the Albanians, such as: Are the Albanian’s able to reproduce and invade foreign countries? Why does the Albanian crime group increase its power very quickly? Why do the Albanian criminals leave their native countries? What factors do they consider while selecting a new area? Are their migrations due to personal decisions, or are they forced by certain situations or leaders? The article is mainly aimed at knowing whether the Albanians settle and start a new life after settling in another country, or are they able to reproduce and invade more countries.

Information was collected mainly through qualitative methods. All the information was collected from reliable sources. They include analysis of court transcripts and other analogous documents, lengthy, intensive interviews with experts in the fields, interviews with the members of the Albanian group, observing them, and information from cultural advisors. Data was analyzed through questionnaires and developing databases from the data retrieved. They also employed Atlas.ti, a software used by organizations for qualitative analysis. In the article, there is a description of the transplantation or importation model, which is where a group takes advantage of globalization, and they take their activities at the international level. It is compared to the deprivation model, which is when a group forms and grows in their local country. They grow within the same country, attaining economic, social, and political stability.

From the article, the more information a respondent had concerning the crime group, the less they supported the idea that Albanians undertake their crimes strategically. If the subjects used unlawful means to enter the United States, the lower the probability for them to support the transplantation theory. Most members moved from their countries intending to make a deal with another group or in escape from prosecution. Most groups perform their operations locally, and international activities are on a rare basis. The crime groups promise new members money, pride, and fame; hence they play a significant role in recruiting new members.

The article is descriptive since it looks at the Albanian crime groups from different perspectives and discusses most of their aspects. The information is also well-researched, making it a reliable descriptive article.  I agree with the author that there is a need for more detailed research on criminal mobility. I also agree with his findings on the Albanian crime groups. If I were the author of the article, I would have conducted more intensive research to ensure that the quality data is also in large quantity. I would consider getting information from retired group members too since they possess a lot of information.

I would like to know what happens to gang members who decide to opt-out of the groups. What happens to them and what happens to snitches too. I would also like to know how the groups manage to maintain their actions as secrets without leakages.

Several questions can be extracted from the reading and be used for class discussions; What data collection methods should be employed while studying a crime group? Are Albanian crime groups constituted of transplantation or derivational models? What is the relationship between migration and crime?

From the reading, I have realized that crime groups are not necessarily organized, but their activities are properly controlled; hence their activities remain secrets. It is fascinating how a group could be this good in their activities. However, the groups take part in illegal activities therefore they should be stopped.

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