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Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group Paper | Do My Assignment

Al-Qaeda is one of the most renowned terrorist groups in the present day. Al-Qaeda has been responsible for many deaths and terrorist attacks around the world. The group was established in 1988 by Osama Bin Laden as a logistic network that focused on supporting the Muslims in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union (Gartenstein-Ross and Barr, 2018). Al-Qaeda has grown through connecting with other militant Islamist organizations such as the Islamic group and Islamic Jihad.

Al-Qaeda’s critical goal is to revolutionize the corrupt regimes in the Middle East and substitute them with true Islamic governments (Gartenstein-Ross and Barr, 2018). However, the United States is the main enemy of Al-Qaeda since it finds the United States as the root cause of issues within the Middle East and a barrier to its achievements. Al-Qaeda states that they are guided by the Jihad obligation, which entails extending the Islamic community and lead a virtuous life (Gartenstein-Ross and Barr, 2018). The leadership communicates its core values, principles, and rationalization to the world. The group envisions removing all the foreign countries such as the United States from the different Islamic countries and build one Islamic State. The members of Al-Qaeda have believed in their vision which has answered the organization’s endeavors to develop a Pan-Islamic state. Considerably, this aim has led to very strong purposes and vision since they consider the Western as more hostile to the Islamic countries.

Over the years, the terrorist group has still been accountable for various attacks. For instance, they claimed that they were accountable for the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and the downed plane in Shanksville (Gohari Moqaddam, 2017). The ideology of Al-Qaeda has been widespread, which makes it difficult for them to be eliminated. The group terrorist approach is linked to their goals. They focus on attacking anyone they believe will enable them to achieve their goals or is a barrier to their achievements. They have relied on less conventional ways that do not match their enemies. For instance, they blend with individuals to reduce their enemies’ chances since they retaliate to avoid any civilian casualties.

Al-Qaeda as an organization has grown into a larger network that has crossed the globe. The group has evolved through effective tools such as the internet to expand recruitment, propaganda, communication of messages and broadcasts. They have leaned on additional security, funding, and logistic support sources such as non-government organizations, business, and self-funding through human trafficking, selling drugs, and extortion to boost their development (Gohari Moqaddam, 2017). Additionally, the group has developed and transformed itself into an international terrorist movement that has penetrated various international Muslim charities to gain the resources and funds required.

The United States has developed a counterterrorism strategy that has acknowledged a wide range of terrorist threats. The counterterrorism strategy has combated terrorism and prevented terrorism ideologies. For instance, the United Nations measures focus on punishing individuals and organizations that engage in terrorism. The government should also develop more effective laws and policies that will prevent the financing of terrorism and their access to resources (Al-Bayati, 2017). Getting the right mix of law enforcement and intelligent policies will also create a new attitude towards counterterrorism.

In summation, the existence of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group can be drawn back to the early 1990s. The terrorist group has developed over the years with increased attacks and deaths. Al-Qaeda has remained a great threat to the world, especially the western countries, which it believes are great barriers to its achievements. Their goal is to eliminate western countries in Islamic territories and establish one Islamic state. However, the most effective way to weaken counterterrorism is through developing policies and laws that will focus on their vulnerabilities and weaken their ability.

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