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Airspace Essay | Homework Help Online

North Dakota is a state in the United States federation that has spearheaded the promotion of aviation industry especially in unmanned aircraft systems. The state has long been used as a ground for drone research and development. The Department of Defense utilizes unmanned aircraft systems for training experiences and testing of military equipment with authorization from the secretary of defense under very stringent policies. The military in North Dakota plays a very crucial role in national guard by answering to emergencies and natural calamities in the state.

The wish to dedicate a large block of airspace over North Dakota to the exclusive use of military unmanned aircraft system by the Department of Defense, however, is a demanding issue (Vigilant Aerospace Systems, 2018). The Department of Defense lacks direct access to National Airspace System and thus must seek accreditation from the Federal Aviation Administration through the waiver process as stated by the U.S Department of Defense (2018). For the military personnel to make special use of airspace in unmanned aircraft systems, there has to be delegation and stringent measures taken to ensure safety of the public before allowing flights.

Interested persons and organizations, such as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, may lack an opportunity to express their opinions about the dedication of airspace to the exclusive use of military unmanned aircraft systems. The Federal Aviation Administration, which manages airspace in the federation could hardly be in a position to listen and take into account views from every owner and organization. If the aviation administration decides to view the issue from the perspective of everyone in the federation, it would take ages to decide on whether to grant the wish of the Department of Defense or not. Airspace in North Dakota has substantially been utilized to realize the potential in unmanned aircraft systems through military.

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