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Airports Homework Assignment | Best Paper Writers

With the advances being realized in technology, air transportation is on the rise mostly due to the operational benefits. Time factor, speed, comfort and uninterrupted journeys, and convenience, among other factors have caused an increase in the use of aviation transport. Aviation facilitates industrialization and job creation. The project in consideration- construction of a new local public airport- will promote economic growth of the state and federation at large, generate jobs, improve people’s standards of living and consequently alleviate poverty levels.

Considering the suggested project, the federal government has considered signing a treasury bond to fund the construction of the airport. The bond will reach maturity in ten years with a constant interest rate semiannually. It is expected that the loan will be payable through the revenue obtained from airport fees and taxes. Also, a percentage from the cooperate taxes of the state will be set aside for the loan payment. Essentially, funding for the airport construction has been discussed and awaits approval after the suggested project has been passed.

Aircraft noise pollution is an issue arising with the construction of the airport in the locality. Nicolescu (2019) states annoyance to be the most obvious reaction to aviation noise. Planning for land use which includes the placement of runways especially near water bodies to reduce the impact of noise at night and zoning rules around the airport would control the noise pollution. Insulation of buildings could as well be of importance. Construction of tall structures in the environment could cause obstruction of airplanes during takeoff and landing. Height restrictions for buildings should be specified for developers in affected areas.

Homes and noise- sensitive projects should not be built within the airport surrounding. Nicolescu (2019) states that engaging and educating the community concerning the dangers of developing schemes that could be affected by loud planes near airports is crucial. The kinds of aircrafts and aviation activities that use the airport could be regulated. Being a public airport, personal planes and private aircrafts’ use in the port should be controlled. Comprehensive aviation regulations should be provided to guide activities that occur in the airport. Basically construction of a local airport will positively impact the state and the federation at large once benefits begin to be realized.

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