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Advocacy amongst Community Health Workers

Community health workers may have a significant impact on public policy through advocacy from a distinctive vantage point. Medical experiences offer real-life instance demonstrating patients and the consequences of public policy on patient morbidity and death. Community health workers should not underrate their capability to impact accessibility to proper and effective quality of care. They are considered to be in excellent positions of sharing with numerous populations the significance of convenient healthcare services accessible to all Americans (Balcazar et al., 2011).  They must get ready to take up legitimate positions at the various tables where healthcare pronouncements are developed to integrate experiences and perceptions into the healthcare discussion.

Advocacy mainly entails the process of urging an individual to at least take into account an individual’s standpoint.  When community health workers have the chance of sharing experiences and perceptions with designated representatives, they would effectively advocate for patients and households effectively and be an influential force in the policy-making processes (Watson & Hoefer, 2013). In my community, community health workers incorporate the stages of advocacy in various ways. Foremost, health workers may stress, founded on experiences, the advantages of a project such as expanding the medical facility. They may clarify how the quality of services can be improved if, for instance, a new facility was built to replace an aging, outdated and congested division of the facility. Community health workers can be considered agents of change by working collaboratively with learning institutions and utilising their expertise to educate and advocate for changes. By teaching learners, parents, and school managers, community health workers may assist them to be great associates to effect needed alterations to reinforce healthcare services for learners in the learning institutions.



CHWs are vital in the implementation of health care system alterations. As members of community health groups, they form a critical link between the group and the society; they can likewise play a crucial role in fostering community capacity and enhancing patient empowerment. The skills community health workers require to be popular advocates include creating a clear and broad comprehension of the concerns, identifying the players, and knowing how their projected solutions may influence the challenge being managed.

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