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Advising Future Students | Best Assignment Helpers

Learning Resources

The most effective learning resources was the textbook. Despite the fact that ALEK does a great job in illustrating examples and offering more practice, the textbook helped me understand the concept and problems better. It not only offered real world uses for the formulas, questions but also different ways of solving a problem. ALEK, being an artificial intelligent learning and evaluation system, it offered adaptive questions and accurate determinations of the exact topics that I understood well and those I faced challenges.

Time Management Strategies

Time management strategies are effective in reducing stress and prioritizing time for the most important tasks. Effective time management leads to more achievement to get bigger and better results. I have been able to complete much in less time due to effective time management. Ideally, this is because my attention is focused and I have no time to waste in distractions. The most effective time management strategy for me was breaking down my tasks in smaller sections as well as spreading out the homework throughout the week. Breaking everything down, setting goals for each study session, eliminating distractions and taking sections has improved my learning.

What I Could have Done Differently

I would have focused on reducing my math anxiety since this has been one of the greatest drawbacks. Math anxiety has always made me feel less confident and nervous of whether what am doing is right. I was so nervous when taking math due to the draining homework which made me conclude that this class would be horrible like any other math class. However, through the time management skills and coping mechanisms that I have learnt with time I have been able to improve my math skills and reduce math anxiety.

What I Needed to Know Earlier

I wish I knew that finding a time management strategy would help me achieve better results. I could have focused on daily and weekly schedules and practices that would help me understand different math concepts. If I started earlier working on my challenging areas, I would have more time to work on them thus perform better. Spending time wisely plays a significant role in achievement of better results.

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