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The sponsor of this commercial is Eugene Merher, a film student.


Eugene Merher is a film student in one of the leading institutions in Germany. He directed the commercial in line with Adidas’s “Break Free” campaign that depicted how people can use the brand to break free from different situations that hold them from accomplishing their desired milestones. Even though there are no lawsuits against Merher, Adidas ignored the commercial despite it garnering close to 15 million views on YouTube.



The source in this commercial is an old German long distant runner in a retirement home who tries to break from the boundaries of the facility to exercise. However, the handlers in the retirement home bar him from going outside, a move that disappoints him. The commitment and determination of the older adult is the selling point of this commercial.


The film is available on YouTube, a music video platform that allows users to interact with different creative products that address various thematic concerns. Many internet users prefer YouTube for commercials, a move that defines the choice for the publication.

Message Structure


The intended message is portrayed in a story that highlights the struggle faced by the long-distance runner whose ambition is to break from the hindrances of the retirement home, which bar him from participating in his favorite sporting activity. The Adidas brand is introduced in the film as the preferred apparel that can enable him to accomplish his desired objectives. At some point, the nurses take away the Adidas shoes and hide them to discourage the old athlete from pursuing his dreams.


In this commercial, the viewers are influenced by the emotional story that compels individuals to embrace the Adidas brand to overcome challenges in their immediate environment. While this message seems far-fetched, individuals who associate with the reputable sporting brand accomplish different objectives that complement their vision in the business environment. The Break Free campaign by Adidas inspires individuals to rise above their situations and focus on developing a series of viable solutions that enable them to accomplish their desired goals and targets.

Message Sidedness

The film is highly emotional because of its appeal that targets the struggles encountered by the old athlete in a retirement home. Besides, it is unique in the sense that it fails to address critical aspects associated with the Adidas brand. Before executing a campaign, brands consider their ability to influence people’s thought process using a certain narrative. However, in this commercial, one is moved by the emotional appeal that initiates a call to action to purchase Adidas shoes and apparel to break free.

Verbal versus Visual Messages

The verbal aspects used in commercials play a significant role in influencing individuals’ overall perspectives in their immediate environment. Notably, the commercial invokes the visual elements by capturing the day to day activities of the old athlete and the struggles he encounters in his plight to gain freedom from the facility. While many individuals are motivated by the need to accomplish different goals, the old athlete’s ambition is to break free from the facility and run his daily milestones. With the help of his friends who retrieve the hidden Adidas shoes, the old athlete breaks from the facility and steps outside where he can run.

Message Appeal

The commercial dwells on emotions to convey the intended message. By showcasing the old athlete’s struggles and how his friends come to his rescue, the film accomplishes its ability to convince individuals about the significance of having a support team.


The target audience in this commercial is anybody who loves to exercise and achieving general body fitness. Individuals who are moved by the ad can use Adidas shoes and apparel to accomplish this goal.


The length of the commercial is 1:39 minutes, which poses a problem in conveying the intended message because of the ability of viewers to skip ads on YouTube. Many ads are now tied to 30 seconds, allowing individuals to watch without succumbing the urge to skip to their favorite videos. The ad focuses a lot on highlighting the emotional aspect and leaves out the most important aspect of introducing the Adidas brand in the commercial. Watching the ad feels like one another brand could still fit in the context. The inability of the advert to address the “Why Adidas” question affects the impact of the commercial to convince individuals about the selected brand. The emotional appeal acts as a distraction that hinders individuals from embracing the Adidas brand.


Many people believe Adidas should have embraced the advert because of its ability to connect people with the emotional aspect associated with the brand. However, Adidas did not declare any interest in the commercial.

My Opinion

The commercial carries an emotional appeal that convinces individuals on the need to embrace the Adidas brand in their plight to break free from their situations. Its ability to connect the viewers with the story of the old athlete and showcase how he broke free using Adidas is exciting.

Why I chose this ad

The struggles faced by the old athlete and the support he received from his friends at the retirement home that enabled him to break free convinced me about its impact on the business environment.

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