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Addressing Global Organized Crime

Organized crime relies heavily on supply and demand laws, a move that presents a series of problems to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to contain the drug syndicates. Importantly, criminal behavior is easily integrated into social practices because of the willingness of individuals to tolerate illegal acts for their benevolent value. The social embeddedness of crime has proved to be a typical study because of its distractive nature that hinders law enforcement from preventing crime and disorder (Van de Bunt, Siegel, & Zaitch, 2014). Therefore, identifying the loopholes that can be exploited by organized crime groups requires police officers to embrace intervention tactics to achieve desired outcomes.

Territorial groups play an essential role in shaping individuals’ perspectives towards the differentiation of security from criminal behaviors and disorders. While many community settlements in Central America are insecure, territorial groups complement law enforcement agencies’ role in safeguarding individuals’ wellbeing in their immediate environment (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2012). However, territorial groups can quickly become distracted from their role to act as watchdogs for drug traffickers who rely on their network to oversee their illegal activities. Thus, observing the role of drug trafficking groups in Mexico demonstrates the impact of crime normalization on people’s perspectives towards life.

Drug trafficking is prevalent in South America, where drug agencies from the U.S. and other established economies have struggled to stop drug cartels. The recent seizure was captured in Colombia, where a sizeable amount of Cocaine narcotics was being shipped to Turkey. Significantly, drug cartels have developed innovative tactics that enable them to maneuver through the stringent measures imposed by global customs departments (UNODC, 2010). However, the collaboration between the drug cartels and different government agencies facilitates the drug business’s survival.

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