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Acme Company Business Case Assignment | Do My Essay

Executive Summary

The proposal covers that training program needs and changes necessary to improve the performance of the project team and successful implementation process. The proposed project changes comprise the adoption of Agile Training Program bound to improve the team’s efficacy and effectiveness. The changes are critical in providing a 3 and 4.5 percent savings to be invested in future initiatives in the company. Acme Company Agile Training Program provides other benefits to the implementation including lower employee turnover and retention of the top trainer. Also, the proposed funding strategy provides 60-90 days to allow changes to take the course without causing any harm to the project. Furthermore, is recommended to be adopted in phases to ensure its success and future growth. Thus, the approach is a strategic opportunity for the competitiveness of the company and an effective capacity for project execution practices in the Acme Company.



Current Status of the Project

The current project status analysis provides a clear path outlined for its implementation and serving the intended purpose. The project proposed for implementation entails the training program designed to impact the adoption of mature project management practices in the organization. Acme’s Company primary objective of the project implementation focus on creating a strong and talented project management professional team that will induce effective project execution practices. It is essential to integrate key managerial strategies to enhance the project’s success (Larson et al., 2015). The training program is fundamental for business functionalities that impacts on employees’ competence, skills, expertise, and professionalism.

The project projects on spending approximately $3 million in the first year of the project implementation and $3.5 million in the second year of project implementation. The funds provided by the company caters for the necessary project related works in the implementation duration and potential benefits to the company. The project implementation analysis shows a stable month end scheduling of the performance being on course and timely execution of plans and tasks (PJM6000. Case study 2018). Also, it is essential to note that employees’ compliance is indicated to be effective with low tendencies of project team turnover. Thus, participants assert a high level of satisfaction in the progress being made in the project execution process.

Following a heavy focus on product development in the organization, the project execution comprising of the training program notes the need to expand and diversify the project scope. This follows the proposal to adopt an Agile Training Program that is critical to focusing on Scrum Techniques. The change of the project scope is in line with developing issues in the project implementation and aims at adding more value and impact to the adopted features in the organization. Also, focuses on ensuring that employees are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to resolve rapidly developing challenges in the future.

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

The implementation of Agile Training Program provides the company with an opportunity to save up to 3 percent and 4.5 percent in the first and second year of project implementation respectively. This is on top of much more profit in the following years bound to be gained following the initial investment of $175,000 on the Agile Training Program. More benefits of adopting the initiative are projected to induce a return of 111/2 – 12 percent and a 6 percent discount rate. As well, the initiative is projected to reduce the rate of project team turnover and increased efficacy. The lower compensation rate risks losing to the top trainer which will devalue the project implementation. Furthermore, the cost estimates may prove to be too low introducing adverse consequences to the initiative.

Year 1 Year 2
Savings (%) 3 4.5
Internal Rate of Return 111/2 – 12
Discount Rate 6
Agile Training Program Budget ($) 175,000


Overview of the Change Process

The implementation of a significant project worth over $6 million requires the company to ensure that it attains the best possible results. The project implementation durability must be assured and every step of the project implementation process must remain on course to culminate insufficient benefits to the company. Any failures that may be incurred during the project implementation process undermines the future success and overall benefit to the company in years to come. Therefore, the project implementation team must be efficient and effective in the tasks and execution capacity in various aspects and/or phases of the project execution process.

The proposed changes are critical to enhancing the impacts of the initiative on the success of the project and future implications on the company’s performance. With calculated additional benefits and overall impact on employee performance – the changes are a worth course to the company. The call to adopt the changes gives the company adequate time to transform and adapt accordingly within 60-90 days. Also, the program will consume 8-10 weeks ensuring the maximum benefits to the overall project implementation process. Agile Training Program provides the project team with the essential professional capacity for a smooth transition.


The adoption of the changes to enhance the success of the project execution through Agile Training Program projects profound benefits to the company and its future competitiveness. Therefore, the project changes are designed to be adopted within 60-90 of approval. Also, the funding and budget of the project can be provided in phases in line with the savings and profits created. The initiative changes must prove to lower the number of project team turnover and improve their efficacy in the execution of the project following the advanced training. Furthermore, the changes are to be designed to low the risk of losing the top trainer and lower costs that may undermine the implementation process.

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