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Achieving Sustainability Essay Paper | Homework Assignment Writers

  • Understand that famines are cause by policies and politics and not weather

The perception that weather causes famines is a misplaced notion. The global population needs to understand that policies and politics play a vital role as opposed to weather. Familiarizing with the patterns of global politics is one key way of managing famine. Notably, exposure to politics linked to food production allows stakeholders to understand the emergence of a famine and its impact. Policies support effective production and supply of food materials. Political stability also ensure that the global population do not miss out on the supply of food and water.

  • Limit the use of available resources

Resources are scarce and calls for a need to appropriate management of these resources. They include land, soil, forests among others. Learning to use these resources differently supports long-term utilization by the society members. Adopting the right measures and strategies to utilize available resources protects the welfare of the people. For instance, creating awareness about protection and conservation of locally available resources supports its effective use. Majority of the locals depend on these resources for survival. Thus, managing these resources is a significant move to eliminate over extinction. Therefore, minimizing the use of local resources guarantees efficiency and sustainability.

  • Managing the global population

A large population utilizes more resources compared to a lower societal population. It is highly paramount that different social and economic stakeholders educate and train people about managing the population. Food sustainability requires appropriate management of the population to ensure the available resources cater for the needs of the people. Despite a need for population growth, it is vital to focus on the consumption of each individual at the community level. Thus, maintaining a lower population provides ample food materials for the people.

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