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The most common threats that pose profound risks to computerized accounting systems comprise of cybersecurity breaches and human factors that expose systems to unethical practices. The cybersecurity breaches arise as a result of threats of malicious and intentional attacks on computerized systems. Such threats include different virus attacks threatening the exposure of confidential data and holding systems ransom through ransomware (Muhrtala & Ogundeji, 2013). Additionally, there is the risk of hacking threats that expose the computerized accounting systems to unauthorized users. The human factors that lead to unethical practices put the computerized accounting systems at the risk of fraudulent manipulation and risking the processes of data entry (SN & Michael, 2016). Unethical practices erode the reliability and accuracy of the data used in the organization.

The critical protective measures towards cybersecurity enhancement include regular diagnostic of the systems to evaluate the system’s strength. Also, it enables the identification of weaknesses that increase as a result of the threat level within the organization (Bansah, 2018). The use of the latest antivirus software to strengthen the security of the system is fundamental. Additionally, the utilization of external back-ups and different locations for servers is essential to enhancing the protection of data and overall system security.

On human factors, the solution to unethical practices towards the promotion of A healthy organizational culture is crucial to enhancing the security and reliability of the system. The training of employees is critical in enabling the capacity of employees against fraudulent practices (SN & Michael, 2016). Building employee capacity and welfare is crucial to ascertain that they will avoid fraudulent practices that may pose threats to the system. The human factor aggressiveness is as well crucial towards eliminating occurrences of social engineering that may compromise the systems.


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