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Access Control Discussion Essay | Write My Paper

Access controls are considered as important elements while discharging various mandates from home. Access controls assist in mitigating the threat of unauthorized access to information and systems(Martin, 2019). As a result, it forms an important part of data security, network security, and information security. However, users incorporating access controls are likely to face various challenges while discharging their mandates from home settings. Foremost, users are unable to access working tools, disclosure of data that may result in loss of credibility, restricted internet accessibility and companies face the risk of exploitation from employees to access unauthorized information from the firm’s database. Access controls are important in safeguarding company assets and information during online access. Therefore, it is important to incorporate security mechanisms such as mandatory access control and Attribute Based Control, on devices used in accessing company information by adhering to laid down procedures regarding access control.

Response 2

Access Control mechanisms are vital in guaranteeing the safety of company assets and information. Despite the core mandate being safeguarding from unauthorized access, it is important to note that it causes various inconveniences towards accessing certain software applications or restricted information while gaining access to information on the network from home settings. I believe that without the application of suitable safety measures, accessing information remotely may present prospects for cyber-crime, leading to various detrimental effects on individuals, health, economy, community and environment. Therefore, companies and individuals should incorporate strong access control policies to minimize the threat of information loss and breach amongst other effects. Moreover, companies should enforce a strict code of conduct that holds the employee accountable to maintaining information sovereignty from any external threats (Danos, 2019).To mitigate the treats of cyber-attacks, a training session should be conducted regarded the best security models such as discretionary access control, role based access control and role based access control.

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