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Academic Writing Assignment | Get Homework Help Online

Writing List:

There are different kinds of writing; some of the kinds of writing that I mostly use include first exposition writing; this kind of writing exposes facts. Exposition is one of the most common writing I use even in school. The second kind of writing used most is descriptive writing; this helps visualize an event, a character, and a place. Descriptive writing allows me an excellent deal more creative liberty than other kinds of writing. Other kinds of writing that I use are persuasive and narrative.

Writing Skills:

  1. Grammar and punctuation
  2. Proofreading
  3. Spelling

Some of the available resources, tools, and experts that help me improve my writing skill in schools are practical guides, Grammarly, experienced tutors, a library with various books, proofreading, and peer check of my writing.

Other non-AIU resources and tools include using online means to aid with editing. If someone needs to check the content but does not have time to give someone else to review the work, the best option is to use online resources to edit the work. These tools are Pro-Writing Aid and Hemingway Editor (Agustin & Wulandari, 2022). Secondly, the common mistakes and problems tool contains a pool of common mistakes in English, with full clarifications and explanations of each mistake. It also has a valuable reference for typical mistakes and helpful clues with terrible site steering. Still, it provides answers to common sentence structure queries connected to English grammar, with samples and extra clarifications. Lastly, Writer’s Digest; Writer’s Digest provides knowledge on writing excellently and getting your work published (Wright, 2016). The place also comprises public opportunities, blogs, and enormous lists of tools for students.

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