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Abuse Areas: Child Abuse | College Homework Help


Child abuse comprises of sexual, physical, or psychological mistreatment of children often by their parents or caregivers. Issues of neglect and emotional abuse can induce profound damage to children just as much as sexual or physical abuse (Taylor et al., 2016). According to the World Health Organization, child abuse occurs within persons below 18 years old of age. Individuals below this age are considered minors who do not has the cognitive or physical capacity to protect themselves or give consent (Riley et al., 2017). Thus, they are more prone to maltreatment from an adult who may violate their innocence and safety rights.


There exists a vast number of causes of child abuse. For instance, subjecting minors to isolation and lack of support cause emotional and psychological instability (Taylor et al., 2016). Imperiling children to unnecessary stress such as financial pressure, domestic violence, family conflicts, neglect from parents, and lack of love increases the chances of child abuse. Improper parenting skills characterized by the use of excessive physical force to punish a child, keeping the child in fear or always worried, the use of bad language towards the child exacerbates emotional and psychological abuse (Chamberlin, 2014). The exposure of a child to parents with drug, gambling, alcohol problems lead to their neglect and lack of the parent’s ability to provide for the child. Such aforementioned issues increase the chances of child abuse.

Long-Term Impacts

Years of child abuse at the early developmental stages to adulthood exposes an individual to health risks such as depression and mental disorders (Young & Widom, 2014). Additionally, the individual is bound to suffer low self-esteem and difficulties in such aspects as education, relationships, and trust issues. More so, victims of child abuse may experience difficulties in connecting with other people and controlling their anger.

Potential Treatment Options

The practice of psychotherapeutic and psychosocial analysis is essential in relieving pain and psychological torment that individuals suffer from continued years of child abuse (Tarantola, 2018). Counselor guidance and monitoring are critical to the mental improvement of the affected individuals. This is complemented with the necessary medication to treat mental or depression disorder problems.

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