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Abortion Debate | College Assignment Help

The primary question that exists in the abortion debate is whether the act is morally right or wrong. Also, whether the act is legal or illegal. The debate does not seem to end because concluding that Abortion is wrong does not mean that people can never perform the act. One side thinks that it is wrong to end life while the other thinks it is a matter of choice. Abortion involves the killing of an innocent soul. One argument suggests that it is morally wrong to kill an innocent soul, and the fetus has the right to life. The argument surpasses all the other wants of controlling one’s body (BBC, 2015). The fact that it is morally wrong to terminate life makes Abortion wrongdoing. Abortion is a topic that no one wants to talk about in public due to the stigma that surrounds the controversy. As a result, the whole issue’s myths continue to spread (Pregnancy Advisory Centre, 2010). Following these myths, people are left to decide their stand against the vice.

The other side of the debate argues that Abortion is not wrong if it benefits the mother. The belief that a woman has a right over what happens to her body seems to outweigh the effects of Abortion. The psychological torture that comes with unwanted pregnancies brings about the ethical question of whether it is morally right for a woman to go through that kind of problem. Women will end up performing abortions whether it is right or wrong. People argue that it is morally right to perform it safely other than exposing them to dangers when they perform the act secretly (Fieser, 2017). According to Pregnancy Advisory Centre (2010), women are responsible for bringing up a child. It is upon the pregnant woman to decide on whether to keep the baby or not. It is human to want the best for your child. If the circumstances do not offer a good life for the child as expected, the only option women would have is to act. Based on these emotions in women, Abortion remains a controversy since each side has a valid reason to perform or not to perform Abortion regardless of the underlying ethical issues.

Practical applications can be found in Kant’s categorical imperatives when studying ethics. According to Business Ethics (n.d), the subject can be classified into two major points. When performing our deeds, we should act based on goodwill without considering our self-interests and forgetting others. Also, there is no need to treat others to benefit us and not benefit them. Consequently, Abortion should be performed with the fetus in mind. Deliberately killing a soul may not be considered an action done out of goodwill unless the mother is at risk of dying. Abortion only focuses on the interests of the mother and not the fetus. As Corporate Finance Institute (2015) says, Abortion is considered immoral. While doing the act for self-interest, it is important to have humanity. Everyone has the responsibility to be morally upright by considering any form of destruction immoral.



Annotated Bibliography

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The article looks into the debate surrounding Abortion. It tries to justify both sides of the debate. One side argues that Abortion is immoral, while the other argues that the act is fine if there are valid reasons. Each side seems to have a compelling reason, and therefore I agree on either side depending on the circumstance the act was carried out. The article is important in explaining both views.

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The article tries to explain that others’ interests should be considered alongside one’s interests no matter the situation. I agree with the view as it is important to care for one another. In the abortion context, the life of the fetus should be considered before performing the act.

Corporate Finance Institute, (2015). Kantian ethics. Retrieved February 6th, 2021 from, https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/other/kantian-ethics/

The article tries to explain ethical issues by the use of Kant’s absolute imperative. The article concludes that no matter the situation, every individual has the responsibility to act human. I agree with Kant’s theory of categorical imperative. The article helps the reader to understand that any kind of destruction is immoral.

Fieser J. (2017). Moral issues that divide us. Ethical theory. Retrieved February 6th, 2021 from, https://www.utm.edu/staff/jfieser/class/160/1-ethical-theory.htm

The article talks about several ethical issues that divide us for various reasons. For instance, issues to do with Abortion should be legalized to protect those who do it secretly. I agree with this notion since people end up dying when doing Abortion in private. The article helps us understand the legal part of the abortion debate.

Pregnancy Advisory Centre, (2010). Abortion and ethical considerations. Retrieved February 6th, 2021 from, https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/83a92880452d4a61835cd3005ba75f87/FINAL+Abortion+Ethical+Considerations+April+2018.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=ROOTWORKSPACE-83a92880452d4a61835cd3005ba75f87-niQU-UB

The article articulates the ethical considerations that abortion issues should accompany. Personal values are inevitable while dealing with Abortion. I agree with the article as personal values should be considered before committing the act.

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