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ABC Company Essay – Research Paper Writing Help Online

As members of the ABC International Company’s, we have the desire to meaningfully engage and reach out to the community. From what I have observed, there are regular recreational and voluntary activities that have been organized for employees to serve the local community. Over the years the volunteerism and recreational activities have built and promoted a positive culture within the company and also influenced effective engagement. These voluntary and recreational activities have been essential to us since they increase a sense of social responsibility and a heart of giving and helping others. They have also been important since they offer an opportunity for practicing essential skills such as teamwork, task management, problem-solving, communication as well as organization.

I believe that by dedicating time for these recreational activities, we can benefit our families, expanding our network, help us in making new friends and boosting our social skills. One of the best ways we can strengthen our relationships and making new friends is through committing time to shared activities. Recreational and voluntary activities will broaden the support network and expose one to people with common interests, fun, and fulfilling activities as well as neighborhood resources.

From my perspective, recreational and voluntary activities will also enable us to boost our self-esteem, self-confidence and life satisfaction. Ideally, these activities are doing good for others and the community which offers a sense of natural accomplishment. Most of us are facing a challenge with social isolation which can be solved by regular contact with others thus helping in building a solid support system that can improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress.

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