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A Strong Digital Engagement Policy | Hire Homework Helpers

The current company I am employed in has incorporated a digital engagement policy mainly used to position itself among consumers strategically. The digital engagement policy emphasizes brand awareness to sell its vision and mission to online users. The policy has been considered efficient in regulating what personnel post online, safeguarding the reputation of the corporation. For instance, if an employee is engaged in parties, the employee is restrained from posting videos, images, or comments on social media platforms that may associate the individual with the corporation.

The digital engagement policy sets limits and actions that personnel may implement while relating with clienteles or co-workers. According to Fisher (2020), a code of conduct will guarantee that employees remain focused and are not preoccupied with online undertakings that may seem not to add value to the corporation. The standard set would safeguard the corporation’s intellectual properties and restrict instances of bad broadcasting attributed to sub-standard branding. Moreover, it guarantees conformity with legal processes that safeguards both the organization and clients.

My online presence commands that I should not share discrete information on the internet, for instance, contacts. It is comparable to that of my organization that dissuades dissemination of sensitive information concerning company undertakings that authorization within the public domain is not acceptable. It is essential to be aware of cookies and unsafe websites that hackers may be used to phish my confidential information. I use the internet to endorse my brand through sharing of quotes that convey similar ideologies.

The notions and interpretations I share are vital for my brand to be conspicuous. They are subjects that most individuals may relate to without feeling awkward, therefore limiting personal brand development. I do not share party-political or chauvinistic principles that may damage the brand’s reputation. Consequently, I tend to share content to access a wider audience. Following the completion of the course, the number of prospects to venture in on social media platforms and the internet would increase. The elements I may need to change would include how I brand my image and the tone used in conveying the information shared.

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