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A Response on Criminal Justice in the U.S.

A Response on Criminal Justice in the U.S.

Discussion One

While the Fourth Amendment protects the public against unreasonable searches by law enforcement agencies, the law’s interpretation regarding the rights entitled to citizens remains unclear. I agree with you that people would go the extra mile to interfere with their recording devices to avoid being implicated against criminal activities. Given the prosecution’s mandate to look for all types of evidence that can be used to argue a case, the law ends up becoming a hindrance to the realization of justice (Garrett & Stoughton, 2017). Modifying the Fourth Amendment to address these inconsistencies would lead to a rise in unorthodox retaliations from individuals seeking to exempt themselves from any guilty traps. Significantly, the law should be modified to allow law enforcement agencies to access crucial information that can prosecute cases against criminals. However, searches and seizures should respect people’s privacy by establishing precedence that can be used to prosecute future cases.

Discussion Two

I relate with your statement that explores the level of controversy associated with the Fourth Amendment. In many instances, police officers always receive credible information from anonymous tips and surveillance but are limited to conduct random searches and seizures by the Fourth Amendment. Acquiring the Attorney General’s relevant authorization often tips the suspects who review their movements, hindering the police from retrieving the much-needed evidence to initiate prosecutions. From this realization, modifications should be introduced to allow police officers to conduct searches and seizures on issues that can affect national security (Rich, 2016). I was amused by Apple’s position on the FBI request to reveal personal information about one of their identified suspects. One can only wonder about the damage that can be done due to Apple’s unwillingness to share critical information that enhances national security. At the same time, consumers are likely to embrace Apple products because of the security measures undertaken by the technology corporation from external influence.

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