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A Reflective Analysis On A Case Study | Homework Help

Health and social care play an essential role in the ability of individuals to resolve their issues and overcome challenges that interfere with the perspectives of people towards life. At any given time, health and social caregivers focus on specific aspects of problems with the hope of developing viable solutions that correspond to the needs of their target population group. In the case study, I observed the approaches used by Leone, a social worker in Adult Services, during her interactions with Humerah whose father requires medical support. Distribution of healthcare services is considered essential because of its impact on the overall wellbeing of individuals. During the interactions between a social worker and an adult caregiver, medical practitioners should focus on resolving the issues that hinder effective communication due to their ability to yield adverse outcomes.

Analysis and Reflection

Social caregivers should examine the overall perspectives of individuals and evaluate their ability to connect with other people in their surroundings. Exploring this aspect in the case has enabled me to discover certain oversights that featured in Leone’s approach when communicating with Humerah. For instance, Leone did not demonstrate any empathy for Humerah’s situation that had seen her sacrifice her job, among other things, to take care of her father. When having a conversation with a person who views life differently, it is essential to acknowledge her suffering and present information in a way she can understand (Mizzoni 2010). Contrary to these standards, Leone was blunt in her delivery and did not filter any details, a move that compelled Humerah to ask whether she had seen her father.

Leone’s ability to sympathize with Humerah on her father’s issue might affect the 52-year old woman whose life has now been turned to focus on the older man. Since she believes he should not be exposed to the home for the elderly, Leone could have created an enabling environment for Humerah to understand the available options. Social caregivers are supposed to earn the trust of their clients and encourage them to be confident when facing the issues affecting their way of life. On many occasions, individuals encounter situations that distract them from pursuing pleasures of life or their career objectives. Quitting a job is usually the last resort because of the impact of employment in the U.S. today.

Ethical Analysis

Medical practitioners are expected to develop viable approaches that resonate with the changing needs of individuals in their immediate environment. Many people who seek professional medical help experience a series of challenges that hinder them from pursuing their purpose in life (Valentine & Godkin 2016). However, Leone’s professional approach in handling Humerah’s case was honest, transparent, and created a chance for her to be accountable for her actions. Instead of giving false hopes to Humerah, Leone communicated the facility’s position in handling her father, an outcome that did not resonate well with the 52-year old. Considering the situation, she was in; it was prudent for Leone to devise a communication strategy that would comfort Humerah in fighting for her father’s care.

Humerah was understanding and patient, as witnessed in the interview. Despite Leone’s hurried approach to finish the meeting and exit, Humerah asked the relevant questions that compelled Leone to measure her approach in conveying information to her about her father. On many occasions, social caregivers might succumb to the emotions raised by their patients, hindering them from making logical decisions. When this happens, the professionals should evaluate their responses to avoid a scenario where individuals accuse them of providing false hope. Besides, creating a professional environment enables social caregivers to address different issues in their surroundings that might be triggered by unrelated events in their immediate environment.

Strengths and Weaknesses


In line with her professional conduct, Leone demonstrated her ability to handle Humerah’s case by ensuring that her father would receive the best care available in the healthcare facility. Considering the different aspects taking place in Humerah’s life, Leone was straight to the point to avoid any confusion caused by the promise to act in a way that does not meet the outlined guidelines for care provision. Besides, Leone’s professional approach was inspired by the need to promote accountability in her decision-making process. From this realization, her administration of care would ensure that Humerah’s father received the best quality of healthcare during her stay at the hospital. Leone adhered to the professional guidelines outlined by her practice, enabling her to reach an agreement with Humerah on the approaches that would be taken to resolve the issue.


However, Leone’s ability to empathize with Humerah regarding her situation was a deal-breaker because she was going through a tough time. On many instances, individuals are supposed to focus on specific aspects that contribute towards their ability to resolve issues affecting them in their surroundings. In this case, Leone showed up late and, in a hurry, limiting Humerah from asking questions regarding her father’s health. In both instances, the nature of conversation should have focused on Humerah’s health to evaluate her condition and ability to take care of her father. While it is Humerah’s wish to be the caretaker of her elderly parent, her emotional state might affect her ability to make informed decisions. This might expose Humerah’s father to a series of problems that interfere with his health.


During the interactions between a social worker and an adult caregiver, medical practitioners should focus on resolving the issues that hinder effective communication due to their ability to yield adverse outcomes. In many instances, social caregivers might be distracted from making informed decisions because of the emotional state of their respondents. However, in this case, Humerah’s ability to contain her emotions despite Leone’s loss of touch with the reality is impressive. Importantly, medical professionals and therapists should understand the approaches they can use to discover their potential with other people in their surroundings. Based on the nature of feedback obtained from the respondents, caregivers, and social workers should offer recommendations that suit the changing needs of individuals.

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