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A Proposal on Chinese Students Under Exam Oriented Education

The Chinese education system targets to confer concrete proficiency and knowledge to its students. However, it fails to achieve the intended objectives fully. In 1997, proposals were instigated that quality education should be incorporated instead of sustaining the exam-oriented system (Li, Wei, and Li, 211). Many Chinese academics have identified the damage associated with exam-centric education. To illustrate, while Chinese students performed exceptionally in disciplines related to Chemistry, Maths and Physics, they possessed limited creativity. Therefore, an exam-oriented system does not address all the fundamental learning skills necessary for student development.

Research question

I am studying the implications of the Chinese education system under exam-centric education because I want to find out how the current Chinese education system impacts students’ proficiency and general welfare, and identify probable reforms that can be instituted to advance the  system.

The exam-oriented education system in China is associated with the lack of creativity and sense of self which are critical components necessary for a student’s development within and outside the classroom (Kirkpatrick, Robert and Zang, 36). This structure compels students to perceive learning simply as succeeding in examinations. Students’ productivity and academic achievement consequently become a challenge. Moreover, the academic pressure experienced by Chinese students intensifies. Exam-centric approaches do not tackle the acquisition of values and attitudes (Mackatiani et.al., 51). An exam-oriented system overburdens students causing them not to engage in inadequate physical activity, and in turn, they encounter an increased likelihood of suffering from conditions such as obesity (Westcott, Ben and Giolzetti).Additionally, students mainly learn examination tips as opposed to critical thinking and perceive learning simply as preparation for a career. When asked, most of them do not have any vision for society. They believe that they cannot change society in any way. Their main concern is to become one of the elite members of society.

Intended audience and method

The target audience will constitute Chinese educational stakeholders, instructors, and selected students. The study intends to inform the current educational stakeholders regarding the accomplishments and failures of the exam-oriented system. It is upon them to determine whether the system is worthwhile or if there is a need to implement reforms. Instructors will be required to provide their views on whether the system is appropriate since they closely interact with the students, and they can assess their progress and general productivity. Particular students will be selected randomly to provide their insights on the significance of an exam-oriented system. They will be required to offer valid reasons that substantiate the importance and demerits of an exam-centric system.

The study will employ the cross-sectional study design, where data will be collected at a point in time. Questionnaires and interviews will be utilized in the data collection process. The questionnaires will comprise both structured and unstructured questions. Semi-structured interviews with instructors will be performed using recorders. The instructors will be required to share their views regarding the significance and challenges of an exam-oriented education system. They will further be allowed to propose possible approaches that can be integrated to enhance the current system. Data intended for collection will focus on the importance of an exam-centric system, its challenges, and a comparison of related research among nations with more advanced and quality-oriented education systems. The trends of academic performance within the last 15 years will be assessed to establish the role of examinations in adults’ productivity.

Explain significance

Research findings will aid educational stakeholders to determine the significance of the current Chinese education system and whether reforms are necessary. Study findings will be beneficial to researchers conducting similar studies. Findings will aid in advancing the existing body of research. Educational reforms will lead to more inventive students with good critical thinking skills who will contribute to economic development.

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