Response: Software Development Security

Response One

Wow, good introduction. I am impressed with how you connect the pandemic issue with the need for a virtual/ remote work environment. Still, when I think about the pandemic, there are different types of pandemics. Please be specific about what kind of pandemic you are referring to. I love how you explain the current need for a virtual team and the protection of information; it is a great point to connect with the need for software with security “built-in” in every organization—great job for a detailed explanation of the CMMI model, Maturity Level 3(Kosieradzka, 2017).I can get a clear understanding, but be sure to define CMMI and give background information about software development security.


Kosieradzka, A. (2017). Maturity model for production management. Procedia Engineering, 182, 342-349.


Great job, the introduction of the topic and explaining the need for secure coding. I can get a great full picture idea of how your work is going. Software Development has such a deep and complicated background, so I commend you for doing your diligence in researching it. It has big implications on modern society, which many organizations and people might not know. Giving a modern touch to it and establishing a current problem thrown around in today’s society might be a beneficial way of getting the organization to care about the topic and take it seriously. I love your clean, concise writing, but be sure to define Software Development Security. While we might know it, but outside readers might not know its exact definition (Hibbs, Jewett,& Sullivan, 2009).Great work on how you explain CMMI, It is creating a clear understanding about it, but in your explanation, I commend you to states process area for the CMMI Level 3.


Hibbs, C., Jewett, S., & Sullivan, M. (2009). The art of lean software development: a practical and incremental approach. “O’Reilly Media, Inc.”

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