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Smarter Decision Making through Psychology | Case Study Homework Help

Question 1: From Chapter 3 in the webtext, what are the Big 5 personality traits?

The big five personality include openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and extroversion. Open people are eager and willing to try out new experiences. Extroversion is characterized by being social, expressive, and friendly towards other people. Agreeableness is shown by a person’s attributes of kindness and trust towards each other. People who are characterized by neuroticism express a lot of worry, anxiety, depression, emotional instability, and anger. Conscientiousness is displayed through good planning skills, self-oriented goals, and self-efficacy.

Question 2:Use one of the Big 5 personality traits to describe Gloria’s personality.

From the case study, gloria stands out from Lakeisha from the trait of conscientiousness. Lakeishais an organized and prepared person. On the other hand, Gloria is not close to being prepared for the task. Lakeisha’sconscientiousness drives her to get started without the help of her partner. She is self-oriented and has good planning skills which are not altered by whether the partner chooses to do the task with or without her help.

Question 3: Chapter 6 in the webtext focused on emotions. Using what you learned, give advice to Gloria on how she can identify and regulate her own emotions so that she can stick with this project and be successful.

Cognitive reappraisal is an emotional regulation strategy that involves changing the point of view to use when making an emotional response. Gloria is positive about Lakeisha’s actions. She should look at Lakeisha positively and have her provide positive input into the assignment. Positivity from both will enable the completion of the assignment and enable them to earn a good grade. She should convert the discomfort and get motivated to complete the assignment.

Question 4:If you were in this situation, how confident are you that you could successfully resolve a workplace conflict like the one that Gloria faced? What past experiences or knowledge influence your answer?

If I were in Gloria’s situation, I am sure that I could resolve the conflict successfully. In the past, I once had an assignment that I procrastinated the assignment several times due to unpreparedness. I found a friend who had already prepared and organized the assignment and it motivated me. I went to him for advice and he listened and helped me get prepared. He influenced me so positively that I became more prepared for all assignments after that one and I no longer do assignments at the last minute.


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