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Dietary Issues Analysis | Professional Homework Help Service

Case Studies 1 &2 Analysis

The first case examines the feeding habits of a 10-year male, Joey, with Type II Diabetes. Joey is presented to weigh 160 pounds and is 5’1’’ tall. The boy’s body mass index (BMI) through comparing of the weight and his height can be argued to be way above the normal average for a child of that age and height. The worst thing entails his diagnosis with Type II Diabetes which complicates his case. This poses a profound health risk to the boy as the overweight problem coupled with Type II Diabetes presents more health problems. The boy is at risk of developing additional health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure – all which are attributed to overweight problems (Sami, Ansari, Butt & Ab Hamid, 2017). The dietary patterns for the boy are a major cause for his health problem. The boy is found exhibit bad eating habits concentrated with consumption of junk foods such as pizza, fries, chocolate, sugar, cream chicken strips, and carbonated drinks. This is likely to further worsen the boy’s health condition exposing him to more problems (Forouhi, Misra, Mohan, Taylor &Yancy, 2018). The boy only consumes one medium-sized apple – the only fruit which is insufficient to maintain a balanced diet. There is a profound need for the boy to increase whole grain consumption, variety of foods, and drink a lot of water to maintain a stable diet. Furthermore, consumption of carbonated drinks such as cola and sugars should be highly avoided.

In the second case, Martha is a 62-year old female suffering from celiac disease.Β  Martha, a female subject weighs 120 pounds and is 5’2’’ tall. Despite being an old person due to her age, she is at a serious risk position due to her eating habits. Martha portrays serious problems in her eating habits as she is a major consumer of wheat, peanut butter, caffeinated coffee, junks foods, carbonated drinks, and animal products. Prior to her diagnosis, Martha exhibits profoundly terrible eating habits bound to exacerbate her health conditions negatively. At her age, consumption of animal products such as beef, too much sugar in cola, caffeinated coffee, and peanut butter poses further health problems (Itzlinger, Branchi, Elli & Schumann, 2018). This should be substituted by the increase of plant-based proteins instead of animal products, high consumption of vegetables such as kales, broccoli, and carrots rich in vitamins, fruits, and increase consumption of water, and gluten-free products (Garnweidner et al., 2020). These are vital food products crucial to changing her dietary consumptions and nutritional additional to her body fundamental to alter her health risks. At her age, Martha should cut consumption of sugar and fats as they pose more problems to her health.


Case Studies

Case Study 1: Type II Diabetic 10 year old Male
Joey is a 10 year old male who weighs 160 pounds and is 5’ 1” tall. Below is an average day of food that Joey eats during the week.
2 doughnuts (chocolate with sprinkles)
2 cups chocolate milk, reduced fat (2%)

3 slices of deep dish cheese pizza
3 breadsticks with ΒΌ cup marinara sauce
1 medium apple
1 can (12 floz) soft drink, cola
4 chicken strips
Β½ cup ranch dressing
2 servings of french fries
Β½ cup ketchup
4 oz of sour cream and cheddar chips
4 medium cookie (1 3/4” across) cookies, chocolate and vanilla sandwich (Oreo)
Water intake
48 ounces per day

Nursing Case Study Assignment 2: 62 year old female suffering from celiac disease
Martha is a 62 year old female who weighs 120 pounds and is 5’ 2” tall. She was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and told she must change her diet. Below is an average day of food that Martha eats during the week pre-diagnosis.
2 slices of white bread toast
2 tablespoons Jiffy peanut butter
2 cups of caffeinated coffee with 1 tablespoon cream and 1 tsp sugar per cup
6” Subway sub (ham, cheese, mayo, lettuce) on Italian bread
1 bag of plain potato chips
1 bag apple slices
1 can (12 floz) diet soft drink, cola
2 cups beef and broccoli teriyaki stir fry
1 cup of white instant rice
1 bottle of Spotted Cow
Β½ cup of trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, chocolate pieces)
4 squares graham crackers
Water intake
60 ounces per day

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