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Research skills | English homework help

Research is more involved than simply looking things up online, just like there is more to cooking than popping something in the microwave. Cooking can actually serve as a good analogy: you can cook effectively using either store-bought, semi-processed ingredients or forage for wild plants. Likewise, you can do research that relies on published secondary sources, or gather firsthand information through field studies. But in both cases, it is necessary to learn how to recognize the quality of your ingredients and the how best to combine and process them in order to achieve worthwhile results. In this course, we will practice basic research skills by writing briefs on various topics.

Possible research topics are suggested for each module of the syllabus. Please choose one of the suggested options. The research brief is a 750–1000 word paper that reflects your independent exploration of that topic outside of class. The research brief consists of your own synthesis and analysis of the scholarly research on that topic that you have identified and reviewed from a comparison sources. In addition to any use you make of syllabus readings, please review three additional sources. Of the additional sources, at least two should be scholarly texts located through JSTOR or the Copley Library search interface, and no more than one can be a good-quality website.

Quote and cite all your sources (both syllabus readings and outside sources) using Chicago- style footnotes or endnotes, and make clear reference to your sources when detailing what you have discovered about your topic. Make sure to note any disparities of fact or position between the sources. Syllabus readings may be included among your sources, but a minimum of three outside sources (i.e., not on the syllabus) is required for each brief.

Hi, thank you for doing this, so In general this research will be based on the two articles I have attached as you can see in the description, in addition to that we need to use 3 outside sources to describe the yokai as a whole. Two sources from JSTOR or Copley library and the last source is from a good website

And the most important thing is using Chicago style citing for the sources

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