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Research on disciplinary literacy strategies | English homework help

Discussion on Cooperative Learning Strategies – group discussion


In this module, you will be continuing your research on disciplinary literacy strategies  Workshop Part 2

You will be finishing up your discussion on your favorite strategy and where to find it on Cooperative Learning

You will also finish researching the provided resources for your toolkit and continue working to add strategies to your own. This is your last preparation before the midterm. next week you will edit and review everything you have completed to submit for midterm feedback.

Learning Materials-2

Review the PowerPoint found in Module 6 after Learning Materials as Workshop One on Disciplinary Literacy Toolkit

Start researching the following websites as resources for your toolkit.  You will be adding to your toolkit each week and then editing and completing for your Midterm and Final Toolkit.  Through this module and the next, you will continue to update your toolkit. Be sure you have added  engager strategies and cooperative learning and discussion  strategies.

Let’s work on Cooperative Learning  and Discussions and Questioning !

So since things have changed….what about this ?


Review the following website and the video:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies

10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)

****THIS IS THE TASK*** discussion** Share a favorite resource and strategy from the PP or websites that you plan to use in your toolkit and how you plan to use it to enhance learning through cooperative learning. cite apa7

**ADD TO TOOLKIT IN FILE**Spend this week catching up on your Toolkit strategies and visuals and links

You should be prepared to share Toolkit strategies in discussion.

Take time to interact with the Workshop PP and do your research.

**Powerpoint below, a few slides it was unable to upload

Engaging Strategies• Anticipation Guides – creating an anticipationof what will be learned• Critical Input Experience – creating anexperience to introduce new knowledge• Investing in the learning – start by relating thenew information to students experience withlearning journals or a Value Line

pictures of martin luther king examples (unable to upload)

Metaphorical Thinking• What does the picture mean to you?Read• Respond• Write• Reflect• The 4 candles are like=

Value Line• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9axXKI3zBgUValue Line teaches students to question the text anddeepens comprehension through observing andlistening to others. The strategy incorporates

Grouping for cooperativelearning• SMALL GROUP– Provides for peer interaction and support(2-8 members)• Respond to literature• Dramatize information• Projects• Study guides• Brainstorming• Use and try different strategies

The Lady or the TigerSTRATEGY-SOCRATICSEMINAR or Discussion WebREAD THE SUMMARY OF THESTORYhttps://penlighten.com/summary-analysis-of-lady-or-tigermovement, which can enhance student understandingand participation. By building in the opportunity tochange one’s stance, students see that personalpositions and questions related to the text evolve ascomprehension increases.

Cooperative learning in theclassroom• Jigsaw• Partner Problem Solving• Team CompetitionGrouping for cooperativelearning• WHOLE CLASS– Exposes everyone to the same informationat one time• Motivate• Introduce• Define terms• Explain process• Engage in activity• Listening• Culminating activity – presentationRap the Answer! OrVisualize it through Media• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s3IWbqBv24• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0CX7oGBXxE36Characteristics of Visual Learners Often struggle with school – often labeled slow orday dreamers Words are not their first language Process information through images instead ofwords Do not always participate in class discussion Respond poorly to verbal instruction See the world in great detail Physically sensitive

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