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Read the case and answer the questions

At the end of chapter 16 of this book: Managing Human Resources. (17th ed) Snell, S., Morris, S., & Bohlander, G. (2016)

You will find the following case study (How Implementing an HWPS Fortified the Snack-Food Maker Snyder’s-Lance) (you can find the case online)


Read the case and answer the questions:

  1. Identify how Synder’s-Lance engages its employees.
  2. Why might it be more effective to implement an entire new system like an HPWS rather than make incremental changes at a production facility like the one in Charlotte? Couldn’t the large-scale changes create chaos in a plant its size?


Style (times, 12, double space, minimum of 1.5 pages without the cover page)

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