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TOPIC – Well-Being (positive construct)

conduct a thorough APA (PsycInfo) data-base search for a published scale for  the construct you have selected. Print out its reference as well as the full scale. The following is an example of a scale pertaining  to humour. (15%)

From the following two sources, you could find this scale (called BIAS) my thesis student and I published a long while ago. After  the manuscript was published, ETS (Educational Testing Services) was interested in this short scale and cataloged it into its vast  collection. Mind you, unlike this example, most scales have only one reference source.

This below is just the example for you to understand

Example 1.

  1. Campbell, M. E. and Chow, P. Preliminary Development of the body image affect scale. Psychological Reports, 2000, 86,  539-540.
  2. Campbell, M. E. and Chow, P. Body Image Affect Scale, Test Acronyms: BIAS, Access Key: bjzw, Call Number: TC022909. Tests indexed in educational testing service’s test collection database, 2006: http://www.ets.org/testcoll/

Body Image Affect Scale

On a Monday morning you wake up and go through your regular routine for getting ready. As you are leaving for school/work  you pass by a mirror and don’t like what you see. Either your hair looks bad, your face has broken out, you think you have gained  a few pounds over the weekend, or, you are unhappy with your general appearance. Considering these feelings as your own,  respond to the following statements by selecting the appropriate choice.

SD = Strongly Disagree

D = Disagree

N = Neutral

A = Agree

SA = Strongly Agree

  1. I will have a negatively colored mood for the rest of the day. SD D N A SA 2. I will feel less comfortable being physically intimate with my girlfriend/boyfriend. SD D N A SA 3. I will avoid activities which will expose me physically (i.e. swimming, working out in the gym). SD D N A SA 4. I will cover up physical flaws using clothes, hats, or make-up. SD D N A SA 5. I will not approach an individual I am interested in. SD D N A SA 6. I will have lower confidence for the rest of the day. SD D N A SA

Example 2.

The Short Depression-Happiness Scale (SDHS)

Joseph, S., & McCollom, P., (1992). A bipolar happiness and depression scale. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 54(1), 127-129. Joseph, S., & Lewis, C.A., (1998). The depression-happiness scale: reliability and validity of a bipolar self-report scale. Journal of  Clinical Psychology, 54(4), 537-544.

A number of statements that people have made to describe how they feel are given below. Please read each one and tick the box which  best describes how frequently you felt that way in the past seven days, including today. Some statements describe positive feelings, and some describe negative feelings. You may have experienced both positive and negative feelings at different times during the past  seven days.

Never Rarely Sometimes Often

(1) I felt dissatisfied with my life

(2) I felt happy

(3) I felt cheerless

(4) I felt pleased with the way I am

(5) I felt that life was enjoyable

(6) I felt that life was meaningless


one of the student asked this question :

It is my understanding that we need only to find an appropriate scale for our chosen positive construct and also save its reference. Then we will email this to you. Is this all that comprises the first assignment?


Reply of the professor is: below . This will help you to do the assignment

A1: Indeed, yes! But I must add that your assignment must provide both the scale published in a paper in an ACADEMIC JOURNAL as well as the reference so that I can find the scale in the cited reference, OR, I can click the URL provided to read the entire paper in which the scale appears.




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