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Protecting Online Privacy for Individuals | Computer Science homework help

Research and critical analysis

Introductory Paragraph

Outline for Introductory Paragraph

• Opening Sentence: Grab the reader’s attention.

• Sentences Between: Each sentence should naturally flow from the

opening sentence into the thesis statement.

• Thesis Statement: One sentence to summarize what is addressed in the

paper with your recommendation: It is your whole paper “squished” into

one sentence!

Color Coding:

Green = Opening sentence meant to grab reader’s attention

Red = Sentences in between that are needed to transition from Green to Purple

Purple = Thesis statement

Opening Sentence

Transition Sentences Between




Milestone 4 2

Student Sample Introductory Paragraph

African American, American Indian, and Alaska Native women are up to three times more likely to die

from adverse pregnancy related outcomes, a disparity that increases with age (Centers for Disease Control

and Prevention, 2019). Researchers found a program which provided support to African American

women through group trainings, entailing of stress reduction techniques, life skills development, and the

building of social support. This enabled mitigation efforts to be focused and geared around the factors that

influence and contributed to adverse pregnancy outcomes among the minority women within the

community, thus reducing and preventing negative pregnancy outcomes in women of color.

In the United States, maternal mortality and adverse health outcomes persist within the minority

community, and as a result, racial disparities in healthcare among pregnant women is a current

preventable public health concern, therefore it is vital to understand the determinants of health that

influences negative pregnancy related outcomes in minority women, similar to one of California’s

intervention programs, the Black Infant Health Program (Nichols and Cohen, 2019).


Milestone 4 3

Opening Sentence

Activity: 1st Sentence of the Opening Paragraph

Purpose: To Grab the Reader’s Attention

This ONE Sentence Must include:

1. a surprising, disturbing, little-known, or wonderful fact

2. a statistic

3. an in-text citation

Examples: Find and Number All Three of These Elements Below

Sample 1

Breast cancer is a disease that affected almost 237,000 women in the United States in

2014 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014).

Sample 2

Studies estimate that approximately 40 million Americans, or about 20 percent of the

population, are attempting to restrict their intake of food high in carbohydrates (Sanders and

Katz, 2004; Hirsch, 2004).

Write your own here, and number the 3 parts!

1st sample adapted from student paper, anonymous;

2nd sample adapted from on-line textbook, retrieved from http://saylor.org/books, p.455


Milestone 4 4

The Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the driving force of your paper based on research, and containing

no opinions or generic and broad advice, but it should contain your stance on the topic

(based on research). In other words, you need to justify your stance based on research.

General Formula

Topic + your stance on the topic + why this is your stance supported by

research (citation) = your thesis statement


Certain things can change in the general formula

based on what your professor asks. This is why it

is so important to read directions very carefully.

KG 604: Steps to the Thesis

Since your directions say you must make a recommendation based on research, that recommendation

becomes your stance. Follow the steps below to help form your thesis statement:

1. Restate the Problem with citation

2. Isolate and name the company/organization/program/policy and state why it works, with


Sample Thesis Statements

Research examples to illustrate the points above.

3. Connect #2 to your population or location and write your recommendation

It is recognized that the most effective means of mitigating information security risks within

an organization is training employees who use these devices (Albrechtsen & Hovden, 2010);

therefore, it is necessary to implement mandatory training and cyber prevention courses,

similar to Bank A’s professional training (Lastname, year), to employees of Bank B to protect

them from the losses caused by the increasing number of scams and e-mail scams.


Milestone 4 5

Activity: Practice with Parts of the Thesis Statement

Can you color code any words in the sample below that match the above formula in Red, Green, and


It is important to keep in check the fraudulent behavior of the medical institutions to

reduce wastage of government funds and the money of the citizens (Briccetti, 2021);

therefore, in any circumstance, public health authorities and health experts of Company A

should rigorously verify all information related to claims and procedures before approving

any of those claims to avoid overbilling or fraudulent medical billing through

implementation of Company’s B’s compliance program (Lastname, year), which has

proven to be successful in management of funds (Lastname, year).


Milestone 4 6

Activity: Drafting Your Thesis Statement

Answer the following questions in the orange column below and place a check mark next to each


Steps Description of Steps Draft Your Notes to Build Your Thesis Statement Check

1 ✓ Restate the Problem

with citation:

2 ✓ Isolate and name the


program/policy and state

why it works, with citation:

3 ✓ Connect #2 to your

population or location and

write your


Steps Ensure the Following: Check

4 ✓ My thesis statement is the Last Sentence of the Opening


5 ✓ My recommendation is based ONLY on the Research, with None

of Your generalized or unsupported Opinions

6 ✓ My thesis statement contains in-text citations

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