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Powerpoint | critical thinking strategies for business decisions | American Public University System


Learning Objectives

  • Examine the process involved with problem formulation.
  • Apply critical thinking to problem identification.
  • Determine factors affecting decision implementation.
  • Evaluate ethical implications of a decision.
  • Evaluate decision-making outcomes and processes.


Explain  the impact of language on critical thinking and decision making. Make  sure you include the ethical implications of the challenges presented by  language and how one can manage these challenges.

Include detailed speaker notes explaining the content on each slide


  • Develop a 16 to 18 slide PowerPoint presentation
  • Include  detailed speaker notes to explain each slide content OR present your  slides via Video and submit the link for the video with your slide deck.
  • Support  your presentation with at least 3 credible academic references beyond  course materials properly incorporated into the body of the work  (speaker notes, footer, after bullet point).
  • Follow APA format where appropriate

Grading Rubric:

A rubric  is provided for your convenience that details how this assignment will  be graded. Please review it carefully prior to submitting your  assignment. If the grading rubric does not auto-populate here, please  see it by visiting the Assignment details under Course Tools.

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