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Pos 2112 assignment | Political Science homework help

 Assignment 5: Chpt. 9 and 10Turnitin OriginalityCheck enabledInstructions

Chapter 9:  https://youtu.be/oAsBbTwpqvE 

1. Discuss the judicial selection process for Florida State Supreme Court Justices. Is it a good system? Explain.

2. Compare and contrast the differing approaches to law enforcement outlined in the text. Broken Windows v. Community Policing. Which do you think is more effective? Explain.

3. Discuss the arguments for and against the death penalty. Are you for or against? Explain.

Chapter 10:  https://youtu.be/IGyx5UEwgtA 

1. What is meant by “Eighty-Eight Thousand Governments?” And Where does Florida rank in terms of the number of governments? Which state has the most local government units?

2. Discuss “Dillon’s Rule” and “Home Rule Charter.”

3. Compare and contrast the “Mayor-Council” and the “Council-Manager” forms of government?

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