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Ultimate Essay Checker to Cover All Your Writing Needs

Ever wanted a tool to check your college paper in terms of grammar, spelling, and plagiarism all at once? Yes, we have thought about it too! We are happy to present you with a handy solution for your grammar and all your citations. No need to jump between browser tabs and waste your precious time anymore.

Our essay checker will handle your plagiarism and grammar challenges. It will detect every issue you may encounter and provide you with a stellar paper, an “all-in-one” approach every student dreams of!

Just submit your paper and take your time to test it out. Our expert tool will provide the best detection quality for your grammar structure and plagiarism issues simultaneously. Inspect vocabulary aspects, major mistakes and use a similarity index to polish your paper to make it shine.

What is Plagiarism and What Are The Consequences One Can Face?

In simple terms, plagiarism is intentional or unintentional copying of entire or partial content that has been composed by another individual or a group of people. Presenting it as your unique idea or failing to mention the author(s) is considered plagiarism. Of course, it can be unintentional when a person does not know how to quote correctly or give due credit, using someone’s idea.

Speaking of consequences, even minor paraphrasing can result in lower grades when the similarity level is high and no source is provided. If you copy half of someone’s work, you are also at a high risk of being expelled from your college or university. The same relates to fake references, which can be considered a fraud. If you are working on your dissertation, even your professional reputation can be destroyed.

It is vital to master the concepts of academic honesty and integrity and always have your content checked in terms of plagiarism.

Types of Plagiarism Include:

Complete Plagiarism. It is the most serious offense when the entire content has been plagiarized. It has the worst consequences as well.

Source-based Plagiarism. It happens when you fail to specify your sources correctly. It is also the case when our plagiarism detection tool will assist you to stay safe.

Direct Plagiarism. It stands for providing the direct quote without giving credit to the author. Use quotation marks and state the source.

Self or Auto Plagiarism. It is most typical for publishers and research writers when they copy the bits from their past works. It is still argued as to whether it is a serious offense.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism. Simply replacing words with synonyms is the most frequent cause among college students. Use our grammar checker and plagiarism detection mechanism to address both issues and learn how to paraphrase right.

Inaccurate Authorship. It happens when students provide inaccurate or wrong references with missing or non-existent credentials. It is also considered a serious plagiarism offense.

Mosaic Plagiarism. Also known as patching. Basically, it means using small parts of different papers to create a new one. It might be hard to detect, and this issue is often related to student’s honesty. Our essay plagiarism checker will identify the similarity percentage as a sum of things.

Accidental Plagiarism. It happens when a learner misses some point and uses paraphrasing without checking, editing, or proofreading the final paper.

All of these issues can be handled by our online essay checker. It will assist you not only in getting your citations right but will also help with the grammar. A simple way to paraphrase things and improve readability with no errors in your assignment.

Grammar Checker For Essays, Why Does it Matter?

It is vital to keep your grammar in control; it is a huge part of the final grade. Your college professor will always turn to your grammar and check it. Grammar speaks of your accuracy and being able to express your ideas correctly. More than half of grammar mistakes happen because of editing and proofreading when an average student starts adding or deleting some parts that sound weak or wrong. It leads to missed articles or repetitions and brings in various sentences that sound out of place. Spelling and punctuation mistakes usually happen when a person has to provide citations or complex sources for analysis. It is a reason why our free essay spelling and grammar tool is so important. It will help you highlight each critical issue and learn how to spell as you check essay for plagiarism..

Grammar checker includes basic English grammar, which is essential to keep the sequence of tenses and avoid passive voice. If your sentence sounds too wordy or unclear, our essay analyzer will also alert you about the changes that can be made. Adding the plagiarism detection tool as you edit is especially good because you waste no time in terms of post-editing or having to check the originality index elsewhere!

Getting your grammar fixed with our analyzer will help you improve your grades. It is your way to meet the requirements of the most common academic writing styles. Do not ever ignore this part. Grammar only gets more crucial as you progress with your studies. Our tool improves your writing mechanics as you can use it not only as a student but as a professional researcher!


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