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Pizza party | Computer Science homework help

2: Pizza Party Your user is throwing a pizza party and must determine if they have enough pizza to feed their guests. Givens: How many pizzas did you order? How many slices per pizza? How many guests will be at the party? How many slices will each guest eat? Result To Print Out: “Yes, you have enough pizza for your guests with X slices left over.” or “You need at least X more slices of pizza. You should order more pizza.” Problem #3: Discount Double Check You are going to purchase (2) items from an online store. If you spend $100 or more, you will get a 10% discount on your total purchase. If you spend between $50 and $100, you will get a 5% discount on your total purchase. If you spend less than $50, you will get no discount. Givens: Cost of First Item (in $) Cost of Second Item (in $) Result To Print Out: “Your total purchase is $X.” or “Your total purchase is $X, which includes your X% discount.” Problem #4 – Logical Operators: Movie Ticket Price The local movie theater in town has a ticket price of $12.00. But, if you are a senior (55 and older), or are under 10, or are seeing a matinee which screens from 3 pm to 5 pm, you get the discounted price of $7.00, nice! Hint 1: “55 and older” is INCLUSIVE Hint 2: under 10 is EXCLUSIVE Hint 3: the range 3 to 5 is INCLUSIVE Hint 4: limit 1 per patron (i.e., it doesn’t compound) Hint 5: considering there’s 3 am and pm and 5 am and pm, using a 24-hour clock (aka military time) may be an easier option (0000 to 2359) Determine which of the two prices the customer is eligible for. Givens: Time of Movie (Assume whole numbers here) Age of the customer Result To Print Out: “The ticket price is X”

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