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Philosophy reading question | Philosophy homework help


In the “Introduction” to the Bhagavad Gita (begin at page 13), Easwaren makes the following claim:

“The gunas form the basis of the most compassionate account of human nature that I have come across in any philosophy or psychology, East or West. They not only explain differences in character; they describe the basic forces of personality and allow the possibility of reshaping ourselves after a higher ideal” (46).

Having read the account of the gunas in the “Introduction,” explain what Easwaren might mean when he calls them the “basis of the most compassionate account of human nature.” Explain, in other words, how the gunas help one have a compassionate understanding of humanity and human nature. Feel free to include a thoughtful and illuminating example, if it helps you explain your ideas.

This will take a great deal of reflection on the material you’ll read. And then clear articulation, of course. Remember to stay focused on what you are being asked to think about (namely, how the gunas provide a compassionate view of human nature).

Please write at least 1 page. in a standard font, 12 pt, double-spaced) 

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