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Philosophy paper 2 | Science homework help

Paper length: 1000 – 1500 words.

Grading: The exam is graded on your understanding of the assigned readings and the lectures as well as on your ability to write in a clear and concise manner. You are neither required not encouraged to use sources other than the assigned readings and lecture slides.

Guidance: For general guidance on writing philosophy papers please consult the Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper. Please also read Plagiarism – Policies and Definitions. both texts are available at the top of the course website in the “Course Information” module.

Turnitin: You must submit your paper to the Turnitin Submissions Assignment.

Paper Prompts: Write on ONE of the following topics:

(1) Explain the liar paradox. Why would banning self-referential statements  and indexical expressions not eliminate the liar paradox? Which solution to the liar paradox strikes you as plausible and why? What, if anything, is problematic about your preferred solution to the liar paradox?

(2) Explain the sorites paradox. What is your favorite solution to the sorites paradox and why? What, if anything, is problematic about your favorite solution to the sorites paradox?

(3) Explain the paradox of analysis. Which solution to the paradox of analysis do you find most convincing? Explain the solution.

(4) Explain the distinction between a performative and a logical contradiction. Explain Moore’s paradox in its omissive and commissive form. Which solution to Moore’s paradox do you find most convincing? Explain the solution. Are there any problems with the solution of your choice and, if there are, how can they be dealt with? (Note: you do not have to discuss the knowledge version of Moore’s paradox.)

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