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Sample Outline for Professional Development Paper

Professional Development Paper Instructions

  • Professional Development Paper  (APA style, 5-8 pages).
  •  You are to provide an overview on issues related to your own professional development. You simply use resources already presented in this course (take a good look at the readings located in the Articles section, specifically the Professional Identity Development article), you do not need to conduct additional research. Simply use what you have learned in this course and reference readings from the course.
  • Although the nature of this paper is personal, remember to maintain a professional/academic tone in your writing.
  • How will you develop yourself as a professional in the field of counseling? What are your values? How may they interfere with or promote your own ethical behavior? What will you do that will deepen your level of professionalism and understanding your role as a counselor? How will you maintain a healthy professional and personal life? Be specific. Give details and integrate information learned in this course into the paper. Organize your paper well and remember to use APA format and citations.




Paper is doubled spaced



Course Reference:

Corey, G. Corey, M.S. Corey, C. (2019). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions (10th ed.) Cengage Learning


Introduction- counselors and the need for them

Counseling as a Career Choice- to acquire new skills. The impact you have on peoples lives daily

Personal Growth in Counseling- a love for people

Professional Growth- as a professional counselor I will assist clients with acceptance of mental health issues

Personal Values and Ethical Principles- define and elaborate on. Values that guide me are integrity, commitment, growth, honesty etc.

Maintaining Professional and Personal Balance- as a counselor, I will strive to avoid burnout, have boundaries etc.


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