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Organization’s political climate | Politics homework help

Organization’s political climate

There are multiple factors that can contribute to office politics, and every organization experiences office politics to some extent. Choose an organization and analyze that organization in terms of politics. You must identify the leader and organization, and provide a URL to the website of either the organization or the leader. Then, create a narrated presentation.

Answer these questions in your presentation:

What factor(s) contribute to the politics?
What strategies do effective leaders use to navigate the politics?
What strategies do ineffective leaders use to navigate the politics?
What role does leadership in general play in the organization’s political climate?

Presentation Requirements:

Your presentation should be 10-12 narrated slides with images and detailed notes (between 75 to 100 words per slide), not counting the title and reference page slides, which you must include in slide presentation.
Use PowerPoint .
Incorporate two scholarly references in APA format.
Follow the APA guidelines.

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