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Operating Systems | Computer Science homework help

  1. When an interrupt is triggered, what event is automatically executed prior to servicing the interrupt?
  2. operates on _____ memory. Select all that apply. (a) Virtual (b) Linear (c) Physical (d) Hybrid.
  3. What is the purpose of address binding as used by an operating system?
  4. (a) Is the operating system hardware or software? (b) What is its use?
  5. In Windows 7, how do you open the Task Manager? On the Processes tab, name and describe at least three parameters that are displayed by default.
  6. Fill in the blank: To avoid _________ a device or device controller sends an interrupt to the CPU asking it to pause data transfer before the buffer fills.
  7. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a typical? (a) Provide common services for computer programs. (b) Act as an intermediary between application programs an…
  8. Explain how programmed I/O is different from interrupt driven I/O. What is polling?
  9. Explain briefly the following: A) Programmed I/O B) Interrupt mode I/O C) Direct memory access (DMA)
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