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Norse mythology two crossley – holland

In the back of your book, you will find scholarly notes to Myth 2.  Discuss one point about the Vanir and the Aesir that Crossley-Holland makes (concerning their conflict, or any distinctions between the two groups. Cite it, and discuss it. (at least 1 point is discussed).  Then cite and discuss one point Crossley-Holland makes about Gullveig.  (Myth 2: at least 2 points discussed total). In Myth 7, discuss one point Crossley-Holland makes about Tyr and one point that he makes about Hel. Cite and discuss each point: how does this information shed light on the Norse myths? (Myth 7: 2 points discussed: 1 concerning Tyr and 1 concerning Hel) In Myth 10, discuss at least one point Crossley-Holland makes about Odin’s spear Gungnir that you find interesting.  Cite the page and discuss your findings.  (Myth 10: 1 point discussed) In the notes to Myth 29,  what information does the author give us concerning Balder as a fertility figure? He links Balder to the gods of the near east.  What are some common characteristics of these gods, according to the note? Discuss two points you found interesting. Cite as needed. (Myth 29: 2 points discussed) In the notes to the last myth (Ragnarok), cite one point you find illuminating.  Discuss one point and consider how the information sheds light on the myth itself. (1 point discussed) total number of points from Crossley-Holland for items 1-5= 8 points total (can e

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