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NETWORKING | Networking homework help

Pick a hot-off-the-press article on COMPUTER NETWORKING that discusses a cutting edge aspect of a computer networking topic. Then, search for a few more articles on the topic. Discuss the topic as a group.


  1. Create a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation (7-10 slides) on the topic. Keep your slides succinct (not too wordy).
  2. Create a recording (recommend Zoom so we can see you and your desktop) of members making the presentation. Use your voice(s) to deliver a presentation where you add details. Do not read the slides. Record this 7-10 minute presentation and upload it to YouTube.
  3. By noon on your assigned date, please upload your Powerpoint and a link to your YouTube presentation up on Canvas. This is in addition to also uploading the same details in the discussion section for the pertinent week.
  4. Include the following details in your presentation
    1. What the technology/concept is
    2. Tell us what is cool about it
    3. Provide details on the technology (how it works – the technical aspects), <– May want to use an online video or simulation for this
    4. Tell us the problems it solves
    5. Tell us the issues it raises
    6. Conclude with the group’s thoughts about it potential for the future.
    7. Wrap up with three thought provoking questions to drive peer discussion. Ensure that your questions are not merely yes/no questions or questions that seek a specific factoid. Questions should be phrased so as to encourage introspection and discussion.

Possible publications to find articles include, but are not limited to Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CIO, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, InfoWeek, Network World, New York Times, NPR, Times, Wired.

Examples of Ripped Presentations from the Summer Course:

Block Chain –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwXRTibOwKkLinks to an external site.

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