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Mmgp post 3 – original work required. minimum of 2.5 pages of content

Positioning, Competition, and Branding Strategy  (TurboTax) 

Q3. Discuss techniques of building brand equity. (Ch. 11) (Turbo Tax)

Q4. Which brand elements would be most useful in differentiating the product/service from competitors? (Here, the service is Taxes and the Chosen Firm is TurboTax)(Ch. 11)

 The following is a good example of what you will be learning:

At the heart of a great brand is a great product. Product is a key element in the market offering.  Market leaders generally offer products and services of superior quality that provide unsurpassed customer value.

Caterpillar has become a leading firm by maximizing total customer value in the construction – equipment industry, despite challenges from a number of able competitors, such as John Deere, J.I. Case, Komatsu, Volvo, and Hitachi. First, Caterpillar produces high performance equipment known for its reliability and durability— key purchase considerations in the choice of heavy industrial equipment. The firm also makes it easy for customers to find the right product by providing a full line of construction equipment and offering a wide range of financial terms. Caterpillar maintains the largest number of independent construction–equipment dealers in the industry.  These dealers all carry a complete line of Caterpillar products and are typically better trained and perform more reliably than competitors’ dealers. Caterpillar has also built a worldwide parts and service system second to none in the industry. Customers recognize all the value that Caterpillar creates in its offerings, allowing the firm to command a premium price in the marketplace. 



Each individual assignment must include a title page that has the name of the project topic and the specific questions being addressed, be 2–4 full pages (12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced), and include a separate references page. All content must show direct application to the topic and exclude definitions of terms and general explanations of generic marketing topics.

When completing an assignment for a given module/week, you must view the entire course textbook (all chapters) as a resource for the assignment, meaning it may be necessary to locate assignment-related material in chapters other than those corresponding with the module/week in which the assignment is located. While the effort has been made to ensure that all material necessary for assignment completion is found in the textbook, contact the instructor immediately if information needed to complete the assignment cannot be located in the textbook. The instructor will then provide instructions on locating the required material.

Each of the parts of the Market Management Group Project (MMGP) must follow this format:

  • Discussion of the research
  • Inclusion of corroborating research about the theory      and/or your product
  • Analysis and discussion

Quotes must be minimized and long quotes (40 words or more) avoided. Outside sources to be cited include scholarly marketing journals, practitioner publications, and the course textbook. Assignments must be submitted directly to the Group Discussion Board Forum and contain a Microsoft Word document with the exact same content.

Once the papers are graded and instructor comments are provided, each member will edit his or her paper accordingly.

Required Resources

American Psychological Association. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (Current ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Kotler, P. T., & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing management (Custom 15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, Inc. ISBN: 9780133856460 

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