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Memory structure | Computer Science homework help

1. Determine the memory structure used in your computer architecture. You may choose to have a unified memory for both data and instructions or you may prefer a separate memory for each.

2. Determine the size of your proposed memory.

3. Determine what instructions can access the memory and how.

Describe how an implementation of a RAID Level 2 system would be beneficial to a university payroll system. Describe the disadvantages of such a system, if any, in that environment, and explain your reasoning.

What happens to the data on a solid state drive when the power is lost?
How is data stored on magnetic tape?

What is the difference between storage media and storage devices?
The content of AC in the basic computer is hexadecimal A937 and the initial value of E is 1. Determine the contents of AC, E, PC, AR, and IR in hexadecimal after the execution of the CLA instruction. Repeat 11 more times, starting from each one of the register-reference instructions. The initial value of PC is hexadecimal 021.
Regarding alternate backup sites, low-impact computer systems require which of the following?

A. Warm sites

B. Hot sites

C. Mobile sites

D. Cold sites


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